Moving around

The simplest and easiest way to travel around New Caledonia is by car. However, you’ll need to turn to other means of transport if your plans include a trip to the Loyalty Islands, and you can also travel around the Main Island on scheduled bus and coach services to destinations on both the West and East Coasts.

The essential

  • Trip planner Këdia
  • Rent a car
  • Take the bus lines
  • Travel to the islands by plane or by boat
  • From Tontouta Airport to Noumea
  • Getting around in Noumea

Trip planner Këdia


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Go to Këdia website and plan your trip!

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Rent a car and go where you like, when you like

Renting a car is an excellent way of visiting New Caledonia. The road system is very well maintained overall and, unless you intend to drive on the minor mountain roads, you won’t need to rent a 4WD.

Note: fuel prices are strictly regulated. Whether you fill up at a big supermarket in Noumea or in a remote outback service station, you’ll pay the same price per litre. You can’t argue with that! Although New Caledonia now boasts a very extensive network of service stations, it’s a good idea to think ahead on Sundays and some public holidays, when you could have more difficulty in finding somewhere open in the North or along the East Coast.

Getting around the Main Island? Coach routes or planes

You don’t fancy driving but you’d still like to travel around the Main Island? The long-distance coach network ( - Tel +687 05 81 61) is the ideal solution! Offering 25 routes and 360 stops throughout the country, the RAI network of 40 long-distance touring coaches is an easy and affordable way of seeing the sights of New Caledonia.

For those who want to get to the other end of the island quickly, the domestic airline Air Loyauté offers direct flights from Magenta Domestic Airport to Touho, Koumac and Belep.

Getting to the islands? By air or by sea, it’s up to you!

The fastest way to travel to the islands is by air. New Caledonia's domestic airline Air Calédonie operates from Magenta airport in Noumea, running scheduled flights to the Isle of Pines and to the main Loyalty Islands (Maré, Lifou & Ouvéa). To move around Loyalty Islands, Air Loyauté airline proposes inter-island connections (flight last between 25 and 35 minutes from Lifou).

If travelling by sea is your fancy, you can also get to the Isle of Pines, Maré or Lifou aboard hi-speed passenger catamaran Betico 2. You’ll find schedules and prices on

From Tontouta Airport to Noumea

If you’re making your own arrangements for your stay in New Caledonia, unless you’re renting a car on arrival, don’t forget to book ahead for a shuttle service from the airport to wherever you’re staying in Noumea. Several private firms offer shuttle services at very comparable prices. Some of the most popular : Les Mouettes, Arc en cielPhilotours, Go Shuttle, or Allo Transports.

Getting around Noumea

You can explore most of the city on foot or by hopping aboard one of the popular tourist trains that follow routes taking in all the major sights. If you want to get from one neighbourhood to another, you can call a  taxi - Tel +687 28 35 12 - or rent a moped or a bike. Nouméa is quite a hilly city, so you’ll need to be fairly fit to go sightseeing by bike.

By bus

The Tanéo network

Nouméa and Grand Nouméa have a brand-new network: Tanéo - Tel +687 76 06 08. Very many journeys to Nouméa, Dumbéa, Païta and Mont-Dore can be taken on this network. 

How much does a ticket cost?

On Tanéo lines, a single ticket bought in the bus or at a terminal costs 300 francs. If you have to make several trips, it is better to get a Pass – you will pay less, and it makes it easy to travel.

  Cost Where you can buy it Use

PASS journée

[Day PASS]

900 XPF Ticket machine Unlimited travel for one day

Ticket secours

[One-off ticket]

300 XPF On board the bus (except for Néobus) and automatic terminus points Single ticket valid for 1 trip with no transfers

Point of sale

  • Tanéo commercial agency - Maison Néobus, Place de la Moselle
  • Tanéo commercial agency – Exchange hub of Desmazures

Tourist lines in the Tanéo network

Access to Park Forestier: 
From Desmazures, take L6 lines then N4 to get to the park. Alternatively, for direct travel, take the N4 line from the town centre (Boulevard Vauban, “BALLANDE” stop).

Access to Anse Vata:
Line L3 takes you to the Nouville peninsula to Anse Vata and the Ouen Toro.

Get a quick overview of all lines, and plan your journeys:

View all the lines on the travel map or the network plan. You can also plan your journeys by indicating your departure and arrival points. 

A mobile app “Tanéo” is also available from Google Play and the App Store

 Goggle Play App store

By water taxis

And finally, the most attractive and exotic local means of transport deserves a mention: water taxis. You’ll find water taxis in both Nouméa and the bush ready to whisk you off to dream islets just off the coast of the Main Island. An absolute must for any visitor to New Caledonia! Various private operators run services from Nouméa, Bourail, Boulouparis, La Foa, Poindimié, Poum and beyond.