With its long, white sandy beaches, caves and cliffs bathed in beautiful crystalline water, Lifou offers spectacular diving spots and hiking paths. The island’s varied landscapes are echoed by the nature of its inhabitants. Open and friendly, they offer visitors a warm welcome.

Like its Loyalty Island sisters, Lifou is found around a hundred kilometers east of the Grande Terre. And like all of the dispersed isles and islets of the archipelago, Lifou is formed from raised coral covered in dense scrubland.

In addition, if you have the opportunity to travel to the island by boat, you will see it appear in the form of a low, horizontal band of green. This view forms a stark contrast with the vertical profile of the island’s mountainous neighbor, the Caledonian Grande Terre. But beware! The approach to Lifou’s coasts (as is true of those of Ouvéa and Maré) can be dangerous! They are bordered by dangerous fringing reefs often against impressive sheer cliffs.

From immaculate white sand to cliffs of coral…

Despite its apparent horizontality, Lifou soon reveals a variety of landscapes to visitors. From the immaculate white of Luengöni beach to the steep coral cliffs of Jokin, the island is full of stark contrasts!

Even more than on the archipelago’s other islands, the variety of natural sites thus encourages visitors to discover the terrain and seabeds. Over and above the island’s beaches, cliffs, bays (the most famous of which is Chateaubriand) and other coves (Peng, its white sand, caves etc.), it is worth exploring beyond the coasts into the turquoise waters of the diving sites off the coast of the Hunëtë tribe’s land.

Vanilla of world-renowned quality!

And be sure not to overlook the island’s interior! A vast plain overlaying what used to be a lagoon, the land is covered in dense tropical forests perfect for hikes. In the island’s interior, you can also visit the vanilla plantations of Jozip, Mu, Mucaweng or Traput. These plantations are gaining worldwide recognition for their locally produced vanilla’s outstanding quality. Try it! Your tastebuds are sure to know the difference!

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Lifou Loyalty islands in New Caledonia
Practical information

With its 1150 km2 (an area equivalent to Martinique), Lifou is the largest of the Loyalty Islands archipelago. At its broadest point, its east and west coasts are separated by 63 kilometers. It is also the archipelago’s most populated island with around 10,000 inhabitants on the last census (although in reality many of them live between Nouméa and Lifou). The population is distributed across three common law districts: Wetr, Lösi and Gaïca. Wé is the largest settlement and also the capital of the Loyalty Islands.

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Traditional festivals

Finally, should your stay on the island coincide with the dates of the major traditional festivals, with a bit of luck, you will observe all the vibrancy of the island’s customs and traditions.

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