Lagoon New Caledonia

Lagoon & Pacific Ocean

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, New Caledonia’s lagoon is even more beautiful and exotic than you might imagine. And the best way to enjoy it? By taking part in an exceptional activity under the water, on the water or in the air! An introductory dive, a snorkelling excursion among tropical fish, a catamaran cruise, kitesurfing, a parachute jump, a microlight flight or just relaxing on the beach are all on offer. The range of activities is as varied as the New Caledonian reef itself. Grab your sunglasses, slip on your swimsuit and get ready for an unforgettable turquoise adventure!

Islets and beaches

With white sand, sunshine and the sea, this is the idealised image that everyone is looking for when setting off for the tropics. In New Caledonia, this postcard becomes a reality, is present everywhere and is a symbol of well-protected nature. This peaceful, romantic image is available everywhere. On the beaches, on the coast and the islets scattered over the surface of the lagoon, relaxation and lounging are the top of the list in the Caledonian archipelago.