As every golf-lover knows, the pleasure of the game is both in its technique and in the environment where it takes place. New Caledonia has embraced this and and it’s four 18-hole courses possess a variety of challenges and features, which makes playing golf even more enjoyable.​​ This just multiplies the pleasure of golfing and discovering the courses. 

Jewels of nature

From Tina to Déva, from Ouenghi to Dumbéa, Caledonian golf courses are above all incomparable. Jewels of nature, each with an identity of its own, but always in a privileged environment. At Dumbéa, the course follows the river, while at Déva and Tina, the views from some holes are straight out over the Pacific Ocean and at Boulouparis, the soft valleys of the course invite you to walk just as much as to play golf. 

Golf for everyone

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  • Tina Golf Nouméa New Caledonia

    Amateur and pros alike

    With a little practice, every course is within range for all levels of golfers. As long as you adjust your expectations! Don't imagine that you can reach par the first times, the challenge would be less entertaining. On the other hand, over time, the most difficult holes become real challenges to adapt your game, perfect your concentration, and improve your level. 

  • Technique takes over in the golf course of Tina

    Technique takes over

    In addition, pro golfers can set the bar very high by going from one course to the other. The 17th hole of Garden Golf in Dumbéa, for example, is one of the longest and most complicated par-5 holes in the Pacific: 560 meters long, a dogleg hole, a small lake, and a river to cross. At Tina golf course, start out in the afternoon and prepare to compete with the east wind to reach your goals. 

  • Resort and Spa Sheraton Deva Bourail New Caledonia

    Family Friendly

    In order to increase their attractiveness, some golf courses have focused on family spirit, with the course located in larger complexes and diverse activities. In Deva, the Exclusive Golf course is connected to a high-quality resort and spa, promising rest and tranquility after playing. Boulouparis also invites visitors to explore a resort with multiple activities besides golf. This can satisfy fans of the game, but also their families, who may be less skilled with drivers, wood, irons, and putters. 

  • Henri Milliard racecourse in Noumea

    A Practice Range in the Heart of the city

    And if you only want to perfect your technique, a detour to the driving range of the Henri Milliard racecourse is perfectly appropriate. With an inimitable view of the area that is usually reserved for horse racing, the twenty places available allow you to work on your swing before a well-deserved dive in the ocean, a few metres away.

  • Exclusiv Golf Deva in Bourail