In New Caledonia, the horse is king. There is one for every 20 inhabitants. From north to south, wild or domesticated, for competition or riding, horses are part of the archipelago's landscape. A few hours' ride between the mountain chain and the waterfront is one of the best ways to discover the true nature of the Caledonian bush.

The all-terrain horse saddle

The central chain of New Caledonia is a vast territory, of which few aspects can be perceived from the outside. However, if we venture on horseback into the properties of breeders, we can capture its diversity and its wildest sides. Riding on these saddles, places that can't be reached by foot become true places of strolling and discovery.

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  • Horse riding in West coast of New Caledonia

    On pace in the mountain chain

    Slowly, you'll climb the arduous slopes of the chain to reach the most majestic viewpoints overlooking the plains and the mountains, with the Pacific Ocean in the distance. In properties where livestock is king, led by an experienced guide, hikers have an extraordinary opportunity to become familiar with the local flora and fauna.

  • Horse riding at the beach in New Caledonia

    Galloping at the water's edge

    If we leave the heights for a little while so we can reach the shore, a completely different story begins. If you are an experienced rider, nothing prevents you from soaring in a gallop refreshing to both the animal and his passenger. The Lebris peninsula, at the entrance to the village, offers beautiful, pleasant beaches to trot, rest, have a picnic and bathe, as well as beautiful expanses of mangroves to explore during low tide.

  • Stockmen, New Caledonia

    On the saddle for a piece of history

    Another unexpected aspect for fans of equestrian sport is the way that these rides open up the history of New Caledonia. Close to the bushmen, you'll learn about the past of local families, the struggles for land and the way in which the population can now gather around common values.

  • Cattle farming in New Caledonia

    Horse riding, Western style

    If you wish to blend into the background, put on your cowboy hat, jeans and leather boots. Is this a parody?  Not really. Landowners may actually invite you to accompany them in a tiring day of cattle tracking. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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