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Consult travel conditions and health measures.


Tips for getting the best rate

  1. Avoid school holiday periods and favour weekday departures
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When to go and when to buy my ticket to Noumea?

While airlines are able to identify general trends, it is not uncommon to get last minute deals.

- Most expensive months: January, June
- Cheapest months: July to December

Which airlines fly to New Caledonia?

Several airlines, including New Caledonia’s own Aircalin, Qantas and Air New Zealand operate frequent New Caledonia flights departing from Australia and New Zealand.

Liaisons aériennes vers la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Getting to Noumea from Australia

Non-stop flights from Sydney to Nouméa are generally under 3 hours in duration and non-stop flights from Brisbane to Nouméa are, on average, around 2 hours in total. This is the equivalent of a Sydney to Cairns or Sydney to Adelaide flight.


Getting to Noumea from New Zealand

Non-stop flights from Auckland to Nouméa are generally around 3 hours in length.

What is the weight limit for checked baggage on flights to New Caledonia?

Depending on which airline you choose to fly to New Caledonia with, you will typically be allowed between 23 kg and 46 kg of checked baggage with each economy class ticket. It is important to check the current baggage allowances offered by the airline you choose to fly with to ensure that you won’t face any unwanted fees or charges when you reach the airport.

Airlines Baggage Sports equipment
AIRCALIN 1 or 2 x 23 kg + 1 cabin baggage (7kg max) 1 extra piece of 23kg for sports equipment More info
AIR NEW ZEALAND 1 x 23 kg + 1 cabin baggage (7 kg max) Sports equipment less than 2m in length and weighing a maximum of 23kg is considered standard baggage. In other cases, excess baggage charges will apply. More info
QANTAS 1 x 30kg + 1 cabin baggage (7 kg max) Sports equipment (golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, diving equipment, skis and bicycles) will be considered as part of the baggage allowance. Excess baggage fees will be charged if the equipment exceeds the allowance. More info

Missing or damaged baggage on arrival

If your baggage is missing or damaged on arrival, do not hesitate to go to the baggage counter located at Noumea - La Tontouta airport.

For further information, please contact: Tel (+687) 35 26 00 / Email:

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