Fun & Sun Seekers in New Caledonia itinerary

5 days to enjoy the New Caledonian sun 

You're not on a trip for long, so you want to make the most of every moment! Your ideal holiday is a fun day at the beach or on an island, alongside memorable evenings with friends and seizing the moment. Look no further, New Caledonia is your ideal playground! Whether you want to dive into the largest lagoon in the world or hike in the lush forest, skydive to combine breathtaking views and adrenaline, or dance until the sun comes up, all possibilities are there for an intense, unforgettable and carefree stay!

For each day, find out 3 accommodation and cafés/restaurants options classified by price range:
1 night for 2:  $< 10 000 XPF, $$ < 15 000 XPF and $$$ > 15 000 XPF / Main $< 2 000 XPF, $$ < 3 000 XPF and $$$ > 3000 

Summary of the itinerary:

Duration: 5 days

Distance:  324 km

Areas:  Nouméa, West Coast



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Day 1 - Discover Nouméa nightlife


La Tontouta International Airpot - Noumea

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone La Tontouta airport — Nouméa: 45 minutes



  •  Win your first Pacific franc at the casino or bingo
  •  Have a drink feet in the sand
  •  Dance just above the lagoon (with a little luck, see a dolphin)

As soon as you arrive at La Tontouta airport, there's no time to lose! Take your shuttle to Nouméa, the capital! Your holidays will start with a bang on your first night in this cosmopolitan buzzing city. First, try your luck at the Casino de Nouméa, or for a more authentic experience, join a bingo game with locals opposite the Quai Ferry and perhaps win your first Pacific Francs... Now the sun sets and the stars come out, head to Lemons Bay where you’ll find an great diversity of nightlife options, styles and vibes such as the Complex MV Lounge/ L'Endroit or Rooftop overlooking the lagoon for a pre-dinner drink. Continue your gourmet journey with diner at one of a nearby restaurants. Not tired yet? the Bodega or the XO Club at the nearby Anse Vata, pulsing with music from local and international DJs, are prime destinations for nightlife lovers.

Hotels: Hilton Hotel $$$ / Ramada Hotel $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Carré d'As $$$ / Le Pastaga $$ / La Barca $
Airport shuttles: Arc en ciel $ / Les Mouettes $ / Go Shuttle $


Day 2 - Thrills in the lagoon


Towed buoy in Noumea Anse Vata Bay

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone ---



  •  Jet ski trip to the islets with Locajet
  •  Towed buoy with Dimitri Waterprof
  •  Windsurfing rental with Aloha Windsurfing 

Today is the day to have fun with your friends on the lagoon! Go jet skiing for the day on the lagoon by renting a jet ski with Locajet. The rental company provides early pick-up from your hotel and takes you to the water sports centre based in Nouville. From there, get on your jet ski and try your first thrills on the water. Stop at Goéland Islet, a protected nature reserve where you can swim in the clear water! Another option: combine a towed buoy session with Dimitri Waterprof, followed or not by an introduction to windsurfing on the beach of Anse-Vata with Aloha Windsurfing. Great thrills and laughter guaranteed!

Hotels: Hilton Hotel $$$ / Ramada Hotel $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Double-Tree by Hilton Restaurant $$$ / Marmite et Tire-bouchon $$$ / La Case $$ / La Guinche $$ / Rimba Juice $ / Snack Ulysse $


Day 3 - Let go!


Skydiving in New Caledonia

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone Nouméa - Bourail with Nouméa Skydive: 2 hours 6 minutes (162 km) / Nouméa - Païta: 26 mins (30 km)



  •  Skydive over a UNESCO World Heritage lagoon
  •  Take off in a paraglider in the middle of a park in the city of Nouméa
  •  Bring back a video of your skydiving/paragliding experience
  •  Discover the tree canopy by zipline and feel like Tarzan

After 3 days under the New Caledonian sun, you are now ready to experience the thrills! Today, you'll get a shot of adrenaline as you soar through the air! The more adventurous will treat themselves to a skydiving experience over the lagoon in Bourail with Nouméa Skydive. This exceptional outing lasts all day and includes round trip transportation by shuttle from Nouméa. If you prefer to stay in the capital, you can take off in a paraglider in the morning from the Ouen Toro Park. This tandem outing with an instructor from the Parapente Plein Vent club will allow you to see the lagoon and bays from a whole new angle! Finally, with the Belle Verte Canopy Tours and its 4 ziplines, you will enjoy the Païta forest at 90 metres high.

Hotels: Hilton Hotel $$$ / Ramada Hotel $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Le Roof $$$ / The West $$$ / Texas Grill $$ / Stone Grill $$ / Buenos Tacos $ / Les 3 Brasseurs $


Day 4 - Nouméa and its islands


Amédée Lighhouse Noumea

NOUMÉA    |    bateau icone Nouméa - Amédée Lighthouse: 45 minutes



  •  Climb the 247 steps of the Amédée Lighthouse and admire the view
  •  Observe the multicoloured fish while snorkelling
  •  Walk around Signal Island to watch for sea turtles

One more day to enjoy the turquoise lagoon and its beautiful beaches! Why not head out on a day trip to discover the Amédée lighthouse? As soon as you board the ferry in the morning, you will be taken care of by the cheerful team of the Mary D. On the programme: discovery of the Amédée islet, a great oceanic buffet, a demonstration of Tahitian dances, snorkelling, lazing around... And of course, climb to the top of the lighthouse to admire the view! Another option: head to Anse-Vata and take a taxi-boat for a day of relaxation on Duck Island. It only takes 5 minutes to cross over to the tropical islet, where you can snorkel on an underwater path, sunbathe on a deckchair, have lunch at a restaurant or have a swim. If you're looking for a wilder islet, go for a day trip to Signal islet. Accessible with one of the taxi-boats of the Maison du Lagon, this islet is very popular with Caledonians who walk around it or snorkel among the tropical fish.

Hotels: Hilton Hotel $$$ / Ramada Hotel $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Buffet du Phare Amédée $$$ / Le Bintz $$$ / Restaurant de l'îlot Canard $$ / O' Boucher $$ / Sandwiches $ / L'Équilibre-Nouvata $


Day 5 - Return flight (9am or 12pm)


Noumea New Caledonia

NOUMÉA     |    voiture icone Nouméa - La Tontouta airport: 45 minutes



  •  Have brunch by the lagoon
  •  Pick up a few souvenirs from the shops around Anse-Vata
  •  Enjoy one last time on Anse-Vata beach

Enjoy your last moments in New Caledonia as you wish: on the beach, out shopping, at brunch... Soon you will have to take the shuttle back to La Tontouta international airport and leave the golden sun, the wild parties and the lagoon of New Caledonia behind... Come back soon!

Shuttle list Nouméa airport - La Tontouta international airport





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