Fly-fishing, deep sea fishing, crab hunting, net casting, spear fishing – in New Caledonia, fishing is simultaneously a leisure activity, a means of subsistence and a part of the local heritage. With either ancestral or modern techniques, fishing is a part of the DNA of the South Pacific archipelago. 

Fly-fishing to get back to nature

Ranked in the top 5 sites in the world for fly-fishing, New Caledonia is a paradise for those who love this sport. In harmony with nature and its rhythm, fishermen are invited in the North part of the Lagoon during low tide, and if they are patient and humble, they can try to capture big catches in this idyllic setting. 

Fishing as you like

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  • Hunting for large ocean fish

    Hunting for large ocean fish

    In the open sea, you need to change your equipment. Off the shore of the Caledonian lagoon, the fishing grounds are ideal for a productive catch. Still, it is often only for sport and the pleasure of winning a faceoff with marlins, swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi and tazar. Those who love sport-fishing will never get enough, so you don’t need to kill and keep the fish! The joy of fishing large fish lies in the stalking, the battle with the catch and the satisfaction of releasing them back into the ocean.

  • Traditional fishing

    Traditional fishing

    Although fly-fishing and sea fishing are modern forms of catching fish, New Caledonia has been fishing for thousands of years to feed its people, showcasing impressive technique and control! In particular, crab-fishing requires experience and know-how to return home with an honorable catch without getting your fingers pinched! You can also admire the technique required by net-casting, effectively handling a large net folded on your shoulder requires skillful manipulation.

  • Underwater fishing is a true sport

    Underwater fishing is a true sport

    For those who can dive and handle an underwater rifle, New Caledonia is also a wonderful spot to try out underwater fishing. If you’re trying to properly capture your catch, the environment and visual pleasure are also extremely important. There’s no doubt that the Caledonian lagoon has no shortage of activities you’ll love both because of the abundance of its wildlife and the beauty of the underwater landscapes.

New Caledonia is just waiting for you

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