Say goodbye to the well-traced trailed of the bays of Nouméa. Forget about quiet outings and set out to bike the rough trails of the mainland (Grande Terre), especially because New Caledonia is now highly focused on this booming sport, from the areas surrounding the city to the hillier land of the interior.

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  • Mountain bike track in Déva in Bourail

    Explore the west coast

    From Déva, in the town of Bourail, to the paths traced in the land of Koné, trail bikers will surely find what they’re looking for! Trails spread out over several dozens of kilometers (some measuring more than 50 km) and feature climbs of several hundreds of meters. For example, you can try the Grande Boucle of the Tango plateau in Koné: nearly 40 km at about 510 m in altitude and climbing more than 1,600 m. Get your calves in shape!

  • Mountain bike in New Caledonia

    Trail biking in the city

    No need to travel dozens of kilometers to find a nice playing field. Sure, you won’t have the joy of winding dirt paths or the pleasures of biking through the forest, but for fun activity accessible to all biking skill level, Les Boucles de Tina are a perfect compromise. Some twenty bike trails have been traced and outfitted with a few wooden obstacles, bike park and pumptrack to challenge the best cyclers. Green, blue, red and black trails are available for those who love trail biking.

  • Mountain bike in the Parc de la Rivière Bleue, Yaté

    Conquer the south

    Bordering the Rivière des Lacs, a short way from the Madeleine waterfalls, trail bikers will be delighted here as well! Les Boucles de la Netcha are indeed a special place to enjoy both an extraordinary environment of ever-present red earth as well as a real physical challenge. No fewer than 7 bike trails are laid out, ranging from green paths under 5km to daunting red and black trails extending from 10 to 33km.

  • Mountain bike in New Caledonia

    Cycling for all

    Mountain biking is truly a demanding sport that respects nature. But for several years now, it has also become a sport than conveys values of sharing and of solidarity. Every year in late August, Mégarando leads hundreds of bike-lovers on various trials, from family outings to high-level athletic racing.

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