A tropical climate tempered by the trade winds

Whether your stay in New Caledonia falls during the hot season or the cool season, you can be sure of a delightful semi-tropical climate, with temperatures and sunshine guaranteed to make your holiday perfect!

The essential

  • Temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold
  • Just the place for year-round sea bathing!
  • Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed
  • Rainfall
  • The refreshing coolness of the Trade Winds
  • What about cyclones?

Temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold.

Average monthly temperature throughout the year is around 24°C in the shade. It hovers between 20-22°C during the cooler months (July/August) and 27-28°C during the hotter months (December/January/February), you’re very unlikely to need cosy fleeces to warm you up during your time in New Caledonia, unless you’re staying up in the mountains.

Although New Caledonia enjoys you a delightfully balmy semi-tropical climate, experienced hikers know that between June and September, the perfect seasonal conditions for trail walking, temperatures in the central mountain range can drop as low as zero at night. So warm clothes are a must! Chilly nights apart, the cool season is the ideal period for setting off to hike along the many signposted trails crisscrossing the vast nature reserves in both the North and South Provinces of the Main Island.

But don’t forget the sun is still shining brightly so you should take care to drink plenty of water regardless of the season and whether you’re on foot or on horseback...

Just the place for year-round sea bathing!

You can revel in recreational swimming and diving all year round too, the water is always delightfully pleasant! Even in the middle of the cool season (July-September), seawater temperatures are steady at 21-22°C (compared to 26-28°C from January to March). So if you’re got the correct gear, the lagoon is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed

On average, there are only 20 days a year when the sun doesn’t make an appearance.


Average rainfall for the whole of the Main Island is 1,700 mm/year, but the East Coast gets twice as much rain as the West Coast. Statistically speaking, the dry seasons are April to May and September to November.

The refreshing coolness of the Trade Winds

Thanks to New Caledonia’s geographical location in the southern hemisphere, the country enjoys constant cooling south-easterly and easterly breezes. These trade winds not only keep the climate pleasantly balmy but also make New Caledonia a paradise for a host of sports.

Keen windsurfers, kiteboarders and other surface water sports fans are well aware that New Caledonia’s lagoon is a dream playground. Constant south-easterly and easterly trade winds ruffle the waters nearly 250 days a year, with little seasonal variation, so it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you can ride the azure waters of New Caledonia's lagoon all year round!

And finally, if the sky is your chosen playground, there are thrills to be had throughout the year, provided - for some sports - that wind speeds are moderate (powered paragliding, hang gliding). You can revel in microlight flights, helicopter trips, skydiving and freefalling right through from January to December.

What about cyclones?

Be aware: New Caledonia can be hit by active tropical cyclones or storms but such severe weather events remain unpredictable and relatively rare and mostly occur between February and April. During weather events of this kind, sports activities are obviously strongly discouraged or prohibited depending on the official warning level. Please be sure to comply with any instructions you may be given.

You can check the weather forecast on www.meteo.nc.