For hiking, New Caledonia's trails and paths can't be beaten. But for the more adventurous, great hiking routes, especially the Grande Randonnée or GR, offer both breathtaking landscapes as well as walking conditions that suit athletic individuals. Get your backpack ready, the GR is waiting for you to cross the Mainland from north to south.

Walk through unspoiled nature

Each stage involvess around six to seven hours of walking - a very long walk which requires calves ready to take the strain. But the strain is suitably rewarded by the varied landscape you will walk through. In the Tchamba Valley, on the Letocard trail, in the Wâo Uni pass... Hikers cross from the dense vegetation typical of this region, to drier, wooded areas or a primal forest, home to flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.

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  • Sleeping in tribe in  New Caledonia

    Walk the GR®1 in the North

    Hiker walk unaccompanied through each stage. Everyone must carry whatever they need in terms of water, food, clothes and a tent. However, each stage and each tribe along the way serves as a reference point for the Grande Randonnée path. Make sure you note down their coordinates to make sleeping arrangements. They will also be an invaluable aid to help you get into the day-to-day life of the tribes.

  • Hiking trail with rivers and creeks in New Caledonia

    Through creek and waterfalls

    Throughout all of the stages, rivers and creeks border the course. These sometimes produce cascades and create little corners of paradise. You will sometimes have to cross the water to remain on course. But be careful - during the heavy rain season, do not try to be Indiana Jones. The current can become very strong very quickly, and for safety reasons you must stop, find shelter and wait for the end of the downpour and for the water to subside.

  • Grand Nord, New Caledonia

    Walk and respect

    This is an almost natural attitude among nature lovers: admire the plant-life without removing it, admire the animals without touching or scaring them, do not make a fire and do not leave litter. These small gestures will help to preserve the beauty of the location.

  • Walk the GR®1 in the South of New Caledonia

    Walk the GR®1 in the South

    Divided into seven stages, the southern GR leads you from the ancient village of Prony to the peaks of the central mountain chain in Dumbéa. Before setting out, stroll through this former mining village which nature has reclaimed. The trail leads deep into the heart of the Blue River Provincial Park after crossing the red soil of Grand Sud. More than a hike, the GR® NC1 is real exploration.

  • GR®1 in the South of New Caledonia

    Walk from stage to stage GR®1 in the South

    • First stage : From Prony to the Néocallitropsis refuge (4 h - 14 km)
    • Second stage : From the rNéocallitropsis refuge to Netcha (3 h 30 - 10,8 km)
    • Third stage : From Netcha to Ouénarou (Blue River Provincial Park) (5 h - 19,5 km)
    • Fourth stage : From the  Ouénarou refuge to the Muletiers refuge(5 h 30 - 14,6 km)
    • Fourth stage B : From the Ouénarou refuge to the Tristaniopsis refuge (6 h - 21,7 km)
    • Fifth stage : From the Muletiers refuge to the Tristaniopsis refuge (5 h 30 - 17,8 km)
    • Sixth stage : From the Tristaniopsis refuge to the Soleil Mine refuge (7 h 30 - 15,3 km)
    • Seventh stage : From the Soleil Mine refuge to the Dumbéa village (5 h 15 - 13 km)

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