2023 Major events in New Caledonia

Culture, sports, leisure...with rich and varied prgram of events, you'll never be bored in New Caledonia!
Find here a selection of events throughout the year that you don't want to miss to meet New Caledonians and sharing their passions.


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To discover the real lives of Caledonians there's nothing better than joining them and sharing the great moments they have all year long. Whether you're sporty, a party-goer, a foodie, art lover or a concert-goer, there's something for every taste, age and budget! From small fairs and village festivals to large-scale art events and sports competition, it would be impossible to list them all. Here is a list of suggestions of key events to include next time you visit New Caledonia, but don't hesitate to complete your days with local events by asking for recommendations at the tourism offices.


APRIL 2023

Cagous Trail, New Caledonia

Cagous Trail (9 April)


Organised every year for over 10 years, the Cagous Trail is a race renowned for its technical, family-friendly courses. The event features 4 circuits in the heart of the Blue River Provincial Park: the 50km Trail La SFAC (2,230m ascent +) / the 25km Trail Optic 2000 (1,060m ascent +) / the 10km Trail Endurance Shop (330m ascent +) / the 5km Rando La Cabosse d'Or (50m ascent +). It's the perfect way to get in some exercise while taking in the scenery of the Great South!

Avocado Festival, New Caledonia

Avocado Festival (28 April – 1 May)


The best way to discover the Loyalty Islands is to visit during their fairs and festivals. It's an opportunity to meet locals, experience a tribal welcome and discover the richness of the Kanak people. In May, be sure to go to Maré for a three-day avocado harvest festival with the locals. Numerous events, tours and activities will be offered in addition to baskets and tastings around the famous fruit!

Trail Camp in New Caledonia

Trail Camp 1 (29 April – 1 May)


Enjoy sport and discover the wonderful landscapes of New Caledonia's GR Nord trail! This trail camp takes place over 3 days and includes a bivouac. It takes place on different sections of the GR (2 stages over 2 days) starting from Nassirah (Boulouparis). The goal is to experience an adventure in trail mode, freeing yourself from all the logistical burden. Maximum capacity of 40 people.

MAY 2023

Xterra, trail, Deva, Bourail

Xterra New Caledonia (13 May)


XTerra is an international circuit of off-road trail and triathlon competitions, leading to an annual world championship. The Caledonian stage is an exceptional experience in the heart of the incredible natural landscapes of the commune of Païta, located 20 minutes outside Nouméa. This trail is suitable for both adults and children, nature lovers and athletes. It consists of a 22 km course with climbs and technical sections, two circuits of 5 and 10 km and a 1km course for kids. The XTerra experience is yours!

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Ultra trail in New Caledonia

New Caledonia Ultra Trail (27 – 28 May)


Organised by the association L'Union des Trailers de Nouvelle-Calédonie, the Ultra Trail takes place in the commune of Mont-Dore at Les Piroguiers de Plum. The route will take runners through the Blue River Provincial Park, before taking in sections of the GR NC1 and trails reopened by the association in the Great South. Participants will be competing in a 130km race with a positive altitude difference of around 6,000m! The competition also includes 5 hikes, a cani-cross and a 3km kid race.

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JUNE 2023

Observation des baleines, Yaté, Nouvelle-Calédonie

Whale watching season (15 June - 15 September)


From mid-June to mid-September each year, the humpback whales leave Antarctica to rest and give birth in the Lagoons of Caledonia, not far from the Great South region. It's an opportunity for you to have a breathtaking experience aboard a catamaran or water taxi. To embark upon this unforgettable cruise and observe these fascinating giants in their natural habitat without disturbing them, contact the "Maison du Lagon" for more information. 

Lagoon Festival in Ouvea Loyalty Islands

Lagoon Festival (23 - 25 June)


This festival celebrates the natural heritage of the Loyalty Island of Ouvéa. Held in the Mouli tribe, it showcases the island's marine heritage, seafood and water sports, while raising public awareness of environmental issues. It's the perfect time to enjoy a unique experience as a guest of the tribe, take part in the fishing competition and meet the island's inhabitants!

JULY 2023

Lantern Festival, New Caledonia

Bastille Day (14 July)


As a French territory with the art of fireworks in its DNA, New Caledonia never fails to celebrate Bastille Day. With military parades, fireworks, street dances, torchlight retreats with a parade of lanterns, wreath laying ceremonies... It's a must-do for young and old, locals and tourists alike!


XDEVA triathlon and MTB competition in Bourail, New Caledonia

XDEVA (5 Aug.)


New Caledonia's biggest Cross Triathlon and MTB weekend takes place in the magnificent Domaine de Deva, one of New Caledonia's nature parks. Organised by the Cercle des Triathlètes de Nouvelle-Calédonie (CTNC), it features three events: sea swim: 900 m / mountain bike: 22 km / trail: 8 km.

Bourail Fair, New Caledonia

Bourail Fair (12 - 14 Aug.)


Since 1977, around the middle of August, the most famous and the most iconic agricultural exhibition in New Caledonia takes place: the Bourail Fair. A must-do in the area and well-loved by Caledonians, this fair is a true source of pride for the bushmen: equestrian shows (including the famous rodeo), drifting, farm products, handcrafted leather goods and much more will immerse you into this unique rural culture that's specific to the island!

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Trail Camp in New Caledonia

Trail Camp 2 (12 – 15 Aug.)


The second trail camp of the year takes place in Yaté in the Great South. The course follows 5 stages of the GR Sud in New Caledonia, over 3 days with camping. The idea is to experience an adventure in trail mode, without having to worry about logistics. The maximum capacity of 40 participants makes this a friendly sporting event not to be missed by all trail enthusiasts.

Marathon New Caledonia

New Caledonia International Marathon (27 Aug.)


In New Caledonia, people tend to be sporty, and the International Marathon, which takes place every year on the bays of Nouméa, is a proof. Held in partnership with Japan since 1983 and integrated with the Japanese leg, it offers a choice of four courses. Ready, set, go!

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Santal and Honey Festival in Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Santal and Honey Festival (1 - 3 Sept.)


For an entire weekend, the Easo tribe in Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands, welcomes visitors. Numerous excursions and workshops are organised. It's a chance to discover Kanak culture, with its songs and dances, traditional fishing and weaving techniques, customs... and the delicious honey produced on the island!

Shell PAcific Megarando, mountain bike event in New Caledonia

Shell Pacific Megarando (2 - 3 Sept.)


The Megarando has been one of the biggest mountain bike events in New Caledonia since 2004. Each year, it gathers more than 1,500 cyclists from all over the world, along with 500 international visitors, 150 volunteers and 30 exhibitors. It offers all levels of courses for the enjoyment of all! Since 2017, it's taken place on the 8,000 hectares of the Domaine de Deva in Bourail. It's a biodiversity hotspot and home to 10% dry forest and 13 km of coastline, a domain listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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Noumea Carnival in New Caledonia

Noumea Carnival (9 Sept.)


Every year, the carnival sets the city centre alight, from the Place Bir Hakeim to the Place des Cocotiers! Festival-goers, associations and local arts schools delight the eyes and ears of more than 20,000 people with their imposing floats, their multicoloured costumes and their frenzied music... The show ends in beauty with a magnificent fireworks display!

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Francofolies New Caledonia

Francofolies (15 - 17 Sept.)


The famous French music festival based in La Rochelle moves to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa every year for two days and offer Caledonians and tourists the best of the French scene in a place that's steeped in history! Relax in the open air on the museum's lawns and let yourself be carried away by the music!

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Loyalty Islands Festival in New Caledonia

Loyalty Islands Festival (15 - 17 Sept.)


Each year, the fair takes place on one of the three Loyalty Islands (Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa). In 2023, the Tadurem tribe in Maré will be the venue for an immersion in Kanak culture! The flavours of the islands will be showcased at a large local market, where you can taste and buy a wide range of fresh produce. Competitions, games and events are organised throughout the weekend, including a fashion show, election of the Misses, singing and dancing shows, hikes, tours, a pirogue race and other water-based activities.

Koumac Fair in New Caledonia

Koumac & North Fair (23 – 24 Sept.)


One of New Caledonia's most famous agricultural fairs, the Koumac and North Fair takes place over 3 days in the town of Koumac. A firm favourite with the country's breeders, producers and farmers, the event attracts more than 15,000 visitors. It's the perfect opportunity to spice up a trip to the far north and immerse yourself in the world of the Broussard, in contact with the famous stockmen, the horse-breeders of Western New Caledonia!

Triathlon New Caledonia

New Caledonia Triathlon (24 Sept.)


The Nouméa International Triathlon is held every year along the bays of the capital (Citrons, Anse-Vata and Sainte-Marie). Three levels (elite, age groups and youth "8-17 years") are open to competitors as individual racers or in teams of three to seven people. The three events include a 1.5 km swim from Anse-Vata, a 3 x 13.3 km bike ride from Anse-Vata to Sainte-Marie, and a 4 x 2.5 km running course from Anse-Vata to the beginning of the Baie des Citrons. It's a competition in a heavenly setting that serves as a reward for the effort!

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New Caledonia Cycle Tour

New Caledonia Cycle Tour (7 Oct.)


The Tour Air France de Nouvelle-Calédonie is a cycling race held in October in New Caledonia. Created in 1967, it takes place over ten stages.

Isle of Pines Trail in New Caledonia

Isle of Pines Trail (14 Oct.)


The Isle of Pines Trail always marks the end of the trail season in New Caledonia! It's a unique course that will blow your mind! The race finishes on the magnificent Kanuméra beach opposite the Nataïwatch gîte. The race ends with a show and buffet in the evening. The following day is free to enjoy the island and its activities.

Vanilla Festival in Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Vanilla Festival (22 Oct.)


New Caledonia's vanilla, a natural endemic of the country and grown on the Loyalty Island of Lifou, has its own festival, celebrated over two days. It's an opportunity not to be missed to taste it in all its forms, discover Lifou and the tribal welcome and meet the local people. These local festivities offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in Kanak culture and life on the islands of the Caledonian archipelago.

Trail Camp in New Caledonia

Trail Camp 3 (28 Oct. – 1 Nov.)


The most seasoned runners train to prepare for the most demanding trails in New Caledonia. The third and final camp of the year, Trail Camp 3 takes place in Poindimié, on the route of the GR Nord. It follows 5 stages of the GR, over 3 days, with overnight camping. Open to beginners, intermediates and advanced trail runners, the camp includes technical workshops on trail preparation and group activities. The objective is to experience an adventure in trail mode on the GR Nord, freeing you from all the logistical burden. Maximum capacity 40 people.

Blackwoodstock Festival New Caledonia

Blackwoodstock Festival (postponed)


Organised by the association of the same name, the Blackwoodstock Festival is a must for rock'n'roll and electro fans. Over three days and in the exceptional and historic setting of Fort Teremba in Moindou, dance to the sound of an eclectic music selection from over 30 groups and artists. Pitch your tent or stay with a local and enjoy the stage!

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open International of Dumbea, golf competition, New Caledonia

Open International of Dumbea (1 – 3 Nov.)


An international Open bringing together amateur players from the Pacific region: Australians, New Zealanders, Tahitians and Vanuatu islanders, who will compete against our best local players.

Beach Festival in Lifou, New Caledonia

Beach Festival (3 – 5 Nov.)


What better place to celebrate the beach than Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands? The Luengöni tribe, with one of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the island, is the perfect place to organise this friendly event. On the programme: musical entertainment, film screenings, local art and food. The festival is organised around the Loyalty Islands Triathlon (4 November). The event is rounded off by a host of sporting activities, including beach volleyball, swimming, scuba diving and beach soccer.


Christmas day New Caledonia

Nouméa Féérie (1 - 31 Dec.)


Celebrate Christmas in the tropics with a postcard setting! Every year,  Noumea City Council creates a Wonderland where the magic of Christmas comes to life. From mid-December onwards, the capital's city centre and its bays are decked out in their most beautiful illuminated decorations and come alive with the sounds of Christmas shows (songs, tales, Father Christmas attractions, etc.). The promise of a wonderful family time!