If you want to enjoy a nocturnal foray into the city, Nouméa has plenty of options for you. With trendy bars, gastronomic restaurants, nightclubs and casinos, you certainly won’t be bored at night. Whether you’re with family or friends, Nouméa is a city with a vibrant night life. Perfect for sleepless travellers!

Discover Noumea with fun

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  • MV Lounge, Baie des Citrons

    By the bays

    After nightfall, Nouméa locals meet up after work to enjoy a cocktail or an ice-cold beer with friends by the Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay). This is very much the place to be. The ideal meeting point to watch the sunset on the comfortable sofas and armchairs facing the sea. Get into the cheerful ambiance, generally accompanied by a local group in concert and always relaxed and convivial.

  • Restaurant in Noumea


    8pm is the ideal time to find a nice little restaurant. Nouméa is full of restaurants offering very varied styles of cuisine. Indian, Chinese, French, Japanese or indeed world cuisine… The dishes are accompanied by a little glass of French wine. Most of the French restaurants offer a fusion of Caledonian and French flavors to delight taste buds all the more. The capital’s restaurants cultivate their love of all things sweet, rounding off every meal with a dessert.

  • Le Grand Casino in Noumea

    Visiting the Casino

    Before whiling away the rest of the night on the dancefloor, why not enjoy a quick round of the casino. The Grand Casino (at the Méridien) and the Casino Royal (near the aquarium) offer the perfect chance to try your luck. Slot machines and tables soon create plenty of ambiance to be enjoyed before heading to one of the capital’s many night clubs.

  • MV Lounge in Nouméa

    Late nights

    Nouméa’s night clubs have a friendly feel and the fun often continues well into the early hours of the morning. Whether intimate or jet set, muted or rowdy, trendy or popular… Dive into the effervescence of Nouméa’s nights and tame this beautiful but elusive lady.

  • Nouméa Fairyland

    Festive and family fun

    In summer and winter alike, Nouméa offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the night life through its many festive or family events. 


    • Summer at the cinema, from January to February
    • Night at the Museums in May
    • Music festival in June
    • Nouméa Fairyland in December