Encompassing Ouvéa, the Isle of Pines, Lifou, Tiga and Maré, the five islands that border New Caledonia’s main island are a slice of island paradise just waiting to be discovered. From the Blue Hole of Hanawa on Ouvéa and Warrior’s Leap on Maré to the Jokin Cliffs on Lifour and the Isle of Pines’ Oro Bay, New Caledonia’s islands and their incredible natural beauty are nothing short of captivating.

Islands Province and Isle of Pines
Practical information

While French is the common language across New Caledonia’s islands, each has its own vernacular language. Nengone is most common on Maré, while Drehu is spoken on Lifou and Kunié is the language of the Isle of Pines. Ouvéa, on the other hand, has two separate languages: the lay language, Melanesian, and Faga-Uvéa, spoken by the descendants of the Wallisians. This language has kept the morphology and syntax of Polynesian, while borrowing from the Melanesian languages.

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A heavenly climate

The islands of New Caledonia enjoy an extremely pleasant climate, with average temperatures between 22°C on Maré and 24°C on Ouvéa, with seasonal variations of no more than 6°C. In addition, since there are no mountains to pull in and retain the clouds, there is very little rain, meaning that the weather is particularly favourable for both tourism and leisure!