Transport services

There are two principal bus networks in New Caledonia: Tanéo, the urban network of Grand Nouméa, and RAI, the interurban coach network. There are also plenty of high-quality private shuttle services.

  • Tanéo NC

The essential

  • The tourist lines of the Tanéo network
  • Coach lines serve 360 stops within the island 

The Tanéo network to Nouméa and Grand Nouméa

Nouméa and Grand Nouméa have a brand-new network: Tanéo - Tel +687 26 00 26. Very many journeys to Nouméa, Dumbéa, Païta and Mont-Dore can be taken on this network. 

How much does a ticket cost?

On Tanéo lines, a single ticket bought in the bus or at a terminal costs 300 francs. If you have to make several trips, it is better to get a Pass – you will pay less, and it makes it easy to travel.

  Cost Where you can buy it Use

PASS journée

[Day PASS]

900 XPF Ticket machine Unlimited travel for one day

Ticket secours

[One-off ticket]

300 XPF On board the bus (except for Néobus) and automatic terminus points Single ticket valid for 1 trip with no transfers

Points of sale

  • Tanéo commercial agency - Maison Néobus, Place de la Moselle
  • Tanéo commercial agency – Exchange hub of Desmazures

Tourist lines in the Tanéo network

Access to Park Forestier: 
From Desmazures, take L6 lines then N4 to get to the park. Alternatively, for direct travel, take the N4 line from the town centre (Boulevard Vauban, “BALLANDE” stop).

Access to Anse Vata:
Line L3 takes you to the Nouville peninsula to Anse Vata and the Ouen Toro.

Get a quick overview of all lines, and plan your journeys:

View all the lines on the travel map or the network plan. You can also plan your journeys by indicating your departure and arrival points. 

A mobile app “Tanéo” is also available from Google Play and the App Store

Goggle Play App store


The Raï coach lines serve the entire Grande Terre island

The interurban coach network Tel +687 05 81 61 - has 25 lines and 360 stops spread across the whole of the Grande Terre island. The vehicles are comfortable and have video and air-conditioning. They are safe too – every seat has a seatbelt, and the vehicles are fitted with alcohol lock devices. The RAI’s fleet of 40 premium tourist coaches are an ideal way to travel around New Caledonia at affordable prices, without the stress and fatigue of driving on the roads.