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With the opening of a new Singapore-Noumea new direct flight route, be the first to enjoy the most beautiful treasure of the South Pacific: New Caledonia. A French archipelago, protected by the world's largest lagoon, with an incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures and activities! Don't wait any longer to live a unique experience and relax far from the crowds in a wide natural paradise, while enjoying a developed and safe destination. The perfect holidays mix!

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La Tontouta - Noumea airport

1. It’s now easy to get there

New Caledonia is finally reopening to the world after the pandemic. From now on, travellers no longer need to take a Covid test to travel to New Caledonia. Luckily, Singapore passport holders don’t need to get a short-stay visa for stays of less than three months and there is a new direct flight from Singapore. Let's go!

Ouvea Loyalty island

2. For a truly exclusive experience

Dreaming of an original and unspoilt destination which has escaped mass tourism? You’ll love New Caledonia! With just 130,000 tourists every year before the crisis and only 14 residents per Km2, the destination is one of the rare places on earth where you can still enjoy sumptuous untouched landscapes without being jostled by other tourists.

Deva Estate, Bourail

3. Several trips in one

New Caledonia is an archipelago abound with contrasts, giving a multitude of atmospheres and experiences from region to region: the modern & coastal city of Noumea, paradise Islands with turquoise lagoons, the great golden plains of the West Coast with its own local cowboys, the lush green East Coast where traditional Kanak tribes live at the foot of waterfalls, and finally the Great South with red deserts and prehistoric plant life!

Ansa-Vata Beach in Noumea

4. The perfect climate

The weather is almost never too hot or too cold in New Caledonia. With a very pleasant sub-tropical climate, we have sunshine all year round. In the hot season, from November to March, temperatures range between 21 to 29 °C. In the cool season, from July to September, temperatures range from 17 to 24 °C.

Snorkeling in New Caledonia

5. Swim in the largest enclosed lagoon in the World

With 24,000 km2 of lagoons protected by a huge coral reef brimming with life and colours, scientists and bathers agree that the Caledonian reefs - registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list - are ‘the most beautiful in the world’. You'll love sailing around the small islands and swimming with over 20,000 marine species including turtles, rays, fish and dugongs.

Roadtrip in New Caledonia

6. Explore a vast archipelago

The New Caledonia archipelago is a vast playground, and in fact, much bigger than you imagine. It’s an absolute paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts!  The main mountainous island, the ‘Grande Terre’ is over 400km long. The road trip from north to south takes over five hours. Not to mention the other tropical islands – the Isle of Pines to the south and the four Loyalty Islands to the east – which are just a 30- to 40-minute flight away.  

Birdwatching in New Caledonia

7. Amazing flora and fauna

Nature flourishes in New Caledonia! The archipelago is one of the main biodiversity hotspots on the planet. With unique fauna and flora, three quarters of its plants are endemic. This wonderful Garden of Eden has even seduced the luxury brand Chanel, which sources the essence of Caledonian sandalwood for its perfumes.

Culture in New Caledonia

8. A sparkling cultural mix

The Kanaks, on the archipelago for over 3,000 years, have gradually been joined by Europeans, Asians and Polynesians. New Caledonia has a thriving colourful local culture. Discover traditions and flavours from around the world: sleep in a tribal cabin and taste local products, watch a typical rodeo and live like a local cowboy, or relish a delicious French meal then enjoy the sounds of the French Touch with the local night life.

Le Méridien Nouméa

9. A developed territory

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory recognised as a safe, well-developed tourist destination. Compared with many Pacific islands, New Caledonia enjoys a high standard of living and world-class infrastructure with hospitals, roads, 4G telephone coverage and decent wages. What’s more, the currency is stable as it is indexed to the euro.

Amédée Island Noumea

10. Spoilt for choice

New Caledonia caters to all tastes. There is a wide range of accommodation, from luxurious five-star hotels to traditional accommodation with the locals, or more original options in the great outdoors. As for activities, the archipelago is an immense playground that can be explored on foot, on horseback, in a kayak, aboard a ULM, in a golf buggy, kite surfing, sailing catamaran – the list goes on. Discover our 50 must-see experiences!


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