This is New Caledonia’s oldest and most popular agricultural and bush fair. Halfway between Noumea and the north of Grande Terre, the Bourail Fair, named after the town, is held each year in mid-August by the New Caledonian bush community. A popular event, not to be missed.

Fair of delights

The Bourail Fair is a chance to discover and taste all the flavors of the Caledonian soil. Venison sausage, orange juice, homemade jams, fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a hospitality that the bush community offers to Noumeans and tourists alike.  Located on the site of the Téné Racecourse, the fair attracts over 25 000 visitors each year.

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  • rodeo at the Bourail Fair

    The rodeo at the fair

    Caledonian farmers drew on the US for their knowledge of and practices in managing farm properties. Thus, we find rodeo fans among the ranchers of Grande Terre, and the Bourail Fair offers an opportunity to attend an often spectacular rodeo that thrills the hearts of the public.

    The youngest get involved as well, trying to grab a ribbon attached to a calf that has been released in the arena. A friendly atmosphere and prowess are key for the participants.

  • people at the Bourail Fair

    Flying flip-flops at the fair!

    This is a purely Caledonian activity. Since 2013 the fair of Bourail has hosted a strange contest, the flip-flop throw! The flip-flop, or thong sandal, is another New Caledonian institution. The contest is open to everyone and is an opportunity to have some fun in an atmosphere that is 100% true to the spirit of the bush. Be aware though, the record is 60 meters!

  • home to Deva Bourail region New Caledonia

    The fair’s idyllic setting

    The fair takes place over three days, but the Bourail region offers many opportunities for excursions, solo or as a family. First, the beaches of Roche and Poé offer two beautiful settings for swimming just a few minutes from the center of town. The town is also home to Deva, a natural 7,700-hectare area on the waterfront where you can go trekking on horseback or on foot. On the lagoon, a pontoon offers an educational underwater journey via snorkel.

  • bancoul worms

    Top 5 Other Fairs to Discover

    • Candlenut Worm Festival in Farino
    • The Lagoon Festival on the Loyalty Islands
    • The Deer, Chicken, and Shrimp Festival in Boulouparis
    • Dumbéa’s Giant Omelette
    • The Tangerine Festival in Canala 

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