Charmingly picturesque hotels and guesthouses, world-famous wonders of natural beauty, unforgettable experiences... New Caledonia really is a dream honeymoon destination! Six suggestions to inspire you...

A honeymoon on a fairytale island!

Justly known as “the islands closest to paradise”, the Isle of Pines and Ouvéa are pure perfection, and the Isle of Pines Méridien and Paradis d’Ouvéa hotels offer newlyweds a honeymoon stay to treasure forever! Just imagine... exploring enchanting islets and gliding over the crystal waters of Upi Bay in an outrigger canoe (Isle of Pines) or diving into the azure depths of the Pleiades (Ouvéa).

Imagine your honeymoon

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  • Lifou loyalty islands in New Caledonia

    Drehu or Nengone? The choice is yours...

    On Lifou or Maré, two of the sublime Loyalty Islands, you can opt for a more offbeat honeymoon with a tribal homestay. How about an adorable thatched hut perched on a rocky promontory at Seday guesthouse? A little more luxurious? An idyllic stay at Drehu Village or Nengone Village hotels, both set in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. Must-do attractions include the Shabadran coral plateaux (Maré), the Jokin cliffs and dream dive spots (perhaps the most stunning in New Caledonia) around Lifou...

  • Lovers kayaking in Hiengene

    The glories of the East...

    The East Coast offers newlywed couples a haven of peace and exotic beauty. Stay at Hienghène (Koulnoué hotel or Ka Waboana lodge) or Poindimié (Tiéti hotel or Newejié guesthouse). Try your skills at scuba diving, laze away the day on an enchanted islet or go kayaking around the iconic Hienghène “hen” outcrop... Joys to share and treasure forever.

  • Lovers on Kanua Tera beach in New Caledonia

    The magic of the far North and South...

    Revel in secluded comfort: from tropical bungalows at Poingam guesthouse at the northernmost tip of the Main Island to the traditional Melanesian charm of Kanua Tera hotel at Port-Boisé deep in the south. Go kayaking under the full moon through the mysterious drowned forest in Blue River Park nature reserve (in the South). Utterly spellbinding!

  • Sheraton New Caledonia Resort and Spa

    The bush experience!

    In addition to fabulous Sheraton Hotel, the Bourail area boasts delightful Betikure Parc Lodge, while La Foa is the setting for equally charming Terre de Soleil lodge. All three also offer delicious gourmet specialities skilfully blending French cuisine with exotic local recipes and homegrown produce. And you can share the unique thrills of a tandem freefall dive or a microlight flight over the lagoon or a dive into the secret depths of legendary Shark fault at Poé...

  • Escapade island in Noumea, Double Tree by Hilton

    City chic...

    A honeymoon in New Caledonia's capital city is the ultimate in exotic elegance. Live the dream in the indulgent luxury of the Nouméa Méridien hotel or L’Escapade resort, set on a fairytale islet a stone’s throw from the coast. Treat your taste buds to a luscious meal at P’tit Café, rated as New Caledonia’s top restaurant by TripAdvisor. Take to the sky for a helicopter trip wafting you over the jewelled tapestry of lagoon and mountain range...

New Cal is waiting for you


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