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  • World´s largest lagoon

    World´s largest lagoon

    Snorkelling: New Caledonia offers a lot of submarine paths in shallow water inhabited by a very diversify flora which makes New Caledonia one of the must do snorkelling spot in the world.

    Fishing: bonefishes, giant trevallies, Dogtooth tuna or Marlins are the kind of challenges waiting for you in New Caledonia. New Caledonia varied water allows you to enjoy fly fishing, dragnet fishing and cast fishing among others.

    Scuba Diving: la Dieppoise, le Toho or l’Ever Prosperity are wrecks you will be glad to visit by Scuba Diving.

  • Windsurfing

    The sea according to the wind

    Sailing: The sailing season starts in April and ends up in November however the average daily temperature is still 20 to 23 degrees Celsius so you still can go for a swim. Wind comes from the south east reaching an average 15-20 knots most of the year. Also the reef provides protection from the sea so you won´t be bother by huge swells during your trip.

    Windsurfing: Organizing the 2014 windsurfing world cup New Caledonia is one of the greatest places to enjoy this sport. The destination offers a great compromise between strong winds, big waves and warm waters.

    Kite Surfing: If New Caledonia is an ideal place for windsurfing it is a great place for kitesurfing as well. You will find three different kitesurfing school just in Nouméa.

  • golf activity On the Ground

    New Caledonia for players

    Golf: New Caledonia counts 4 different golf courses of which 3 are located in Noumea. The South Pacific PGA Open in Tina Golf Club Noumea is now part of the Australian PGA championship making of New Caledonia one of the must do golf place in the APAC region. 

    Petanque: Petanque is a French sport very similar to lawn bawls in such a way that you still need to throw a bowl as close as possible from a jack. However in Pétanque the bowls are made of metal and you don´t necessarily have to roll it on the ground to get closer to the jack, you can throw it up in the air as well. Moreover you have the possibility to ‘’shot’’ the other player´s bowls by hitting it. Pétanque is regarded as a summer game because always played outside, this sport is very popular in the southeast region of France.

  • Helicopter in New Caledonia

    From the Ground to the Sky

    Horesriding: New Caledonia is also known as the ‘’country of the horse. Indeed with 1 horse for 20 people the island is one of the places in the world where horses are the most present. Moreover the cow-boy culture is part of the New Caledonian folklore. Called stockmen the New Caledonian cow-boy are very good horse rider and rodeo player as well.

    Helicopter: Take some altitude and enjoy the view from the sky flying in helicopter. Several helicopter tours are offered from classic, romantic to lunch included.

  • The aquarium des Lagons

    The aquarium des Lagons

    The “Aquarium des Lagons” is a public joint venture between the Government of New Caledonia, the Government of the Southern Province, and the City of Noumea. The organization pursues various objectives such as the protection of New Caledonia´s aquatic environments, the promotion of tourism and the distribution of scientific information relating to flora and fauna.

    The aquarium des Lagons

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