Less than 5 km away from Anse Vata Bay, Îlot Maître and Îlot Canard are as popular with tourists as they are with Noumeans, who enjoy relaxing on these isles during the day. The îlot Maître is the only Noumean isle with a hotel and is home to a large 2-km-long reef.

Although there is no controversy about the name of Îlot Maître (literally Master Isle), there certainly is one about the neighboring isle! Noumeans still argue whether it should be called Ile aux canards (Island of ducks) or Îlot Canard (Duck Isle). In fact, it is not an island, and ducks are scarce there, so “Îlot Canard” is more probable!

The islets in Nouméa

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  • Canards islet

    The underwater trail of Îlot Canard

    L'Îlot Canard, reached after only five minutes on a taxi-boat from Anse Vata, is a magical place, away from the big city. A true haven of tranquility, the isle is also a special natural reserve, home to an exceptionally rich marine biotope. An underwater trail, fully-marked for swimmers, with drawings and descriptions of the fauna and flora, is open to everyone. Exquisite views at depths between 2 and 7 meters!

  • îlot Maître

    Îlot Maître and its beautiful coastal bench

    A few cable-lengths away from Îlot Canard, in the heart of the lagoon, Îlot Maître has many beautiful surprises. With its white sandy beach and quiet clear waters, it is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. Put on your scuba-diving gear and enjoy observing the many colorful fish swimming in the lagoon, right in front of you! It is common to come across turtles too. Explore the isle and swim around it. The “côte au vent” is also beautiful but much windier, it's a popular spot for kite-surfing. The colorful sails dancing in the sky are a breathtaking sight.

  • Sainte-Marie islet

    The other islets in Nouméa

    • Sainte-Marie islet
    • Amédée islet
    • Signal islet
    • Larégnère islet
    • Goéland islet