With white sand, sunshine and the sea, this is the idealised image that everyone is looking for when setting off for the tropics. In New Caledonia, this postcard becomes a reality, is present everywhere and is a symbol of well-protected nature. This peaceful, romantic image is available everywhere. On the beaches, on the coast and the islets scattered over the surface of the lagoon, relaxation and lounging are the top of the list in the Caledonian archipelago.  

City beaches

Although your first contact with New Calednoia is naturally the city of Nouméa, a 21st-century city, you can still find the peace of the Pacific. On a peninsula whose first stones were laid to face the horizon, Nouméa keeps its feet in the water and its inhabitants enjoy its welcoming beaches daily, a place for Sunday rest, a walk after work or a family dip. The beaches that border the hotels and restaurants are only a preview of the other jewels of the territory. 

Countless beaches and islets

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  • Ouvéa 25km white sand beach

    Infinite sweeping sand

    As soon as you leave the capital city and its outskirts, the beaches quickly take on another appearance, wilder and more protected. At the entry to Bourail, the beach at Poé extends over more than 10 km of white sand, bordered by an azure lagoon. You’ll never be overwhelmed by visitors since the seaside has so much space. The island of Ouvéa also promises tranquility as one of the Loyalty Islands whose 25 km are almost all luxurious beaches themselves.

  • Kiki beach of Lifou

    Coves almost hidden from view

    Those who love small areas hidden from view will also love the small coves and accessible beaches found all over New Caledonia. In the west, the small bays of Tortues (Turtles Bay) and Amoureux (Lovers’ Bay) keep their mysterious atmosphere. In the east, the length of the Forgotten Coast is still accessible by boat. There’s also Lifou, where you can easily find small beaches hidden away from the main roads. Don’t forget the Isle of Pines, where long bays alternate with small coves. 

  • Konduyo islet of La Foa, New Caledonia

    Beaches out to sea

    Beaches are everywhere, even in the middle of the lagoon. Off the coast of any town, many islets are accessible to those with a boat. And some of them are so infrequently visited that you’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe, far from the hustle of the city. Still be careful not to set foot on some prohibited islands, which are sanctuaries for endangered plants and animals and given entirely to nature.

New Cal is waiting for you

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