From beginner divers to excursions for experts, New Caledonia boasts diving spots that are each more magical than the next. Under the water’s surface, coral pinnacles shelter multicolored fauna that is often accessible even without wearing a tank. With reefs, passes and slopes, and the right equipment, divers can meet face-to-face with the big ocean-dwellers. 

Flippers, mask and a snorkel

No need to dive for a long time to enjoy the splendors under the surface. With only a mask, flippers and a snorkel, a swimmer can also meet up with butterfly fish, triggerfish, parrotfish and clownfish, plus many more. The underwater path at Ilot Canard (Duck Island), the depths off the coast of the Amédée Island , the lagoon of Poé, the waters off Hienghène or the Loyalty Islands, or wherever you are, you can snorkel and be amazed. 

Magical diving spots

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  • Dive on Shipwreck close to the Amedee Lighthouse in Noumea

    Shipwreck diving

    New Caledonia’s barrier reef has ‘surprised’ many navigators throughout the years with a number of ships sinking. Nowadays, those ship wrecks offer the perfect diving spots for locals and international divers alike. At Amedee Lighthouse, the ‘Dieppoise’ is a famous site, as well as the Sun Burnt Country one, near Goeland Islet. If you want to scuba dive around New Caledonia, you will be spoilt for choice between ship wrecks but also mythical spots such as Poindimie and its forests of Gorgonian corals, the underwater caves near Poum or the Crystal clear water of the Isle of Pines!

  • dive in apnea in the Caledonian lagoon


    New Caledonia is a paradise for free divers. The breathtaking clear water of the Caledonian Lagoon guarantee fantastic dive trips out. Moreover, the fact that the lagoon isn’t overcrowded with humans means that its inhabitants are far from being shy with the divers. You will be as happy as a clam!

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