Kitesurfing no longer has anything to prove; just take a walk along the Pacific on a windy day and you’ll inevitably see dozens of kiteboards speeding across Nouméa’s lagoon! For the speed, for the tricks, and for the simple pleasure of flying across the surface of the water: practitioners have their own leitmotifs and aren’t going to wait for you to join in.

Glide on the lagoon

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  • Kitesurf in the Maitre Islet in Noumea, New Caledonia

    In a friendly fashion

    Kitesurfing is certainly a solitary sport, but it’s also a shared activity. Sharing techniques, sharing fun, sharing laughter, sharing admiration… In New Caledonia, it’s becoming more democratic each year, attracting more followers, men and women, young and old. Admittedly, the conditions here are ideal: weeks where you can’t get on the board are few and far between!

  • Kitesurf in the islet in New Caledonia

    Playing with the wind

    Of course, the first step is still to master the wing. Like a kite, the practitioner learns to use the wind as an ally in flying towards his goal and rising above the waves. You’ll soon learn it’s not as easy as it sounds! However, with a few hours of training anyone can quickly, not become a kitesurfing champion, but join the growing number of adherents of a sport that continues to be widely emulated.

  • Kitesurf freestyle in New Caledonia

    To each their own

    After mastering the wings come the choice of a discipline, because there’s more than one type of windsurfing. You can of course focus on speed and fly across the lagoon like Aeolus, god of the wind, but that’s not really the point. It’s freestyle, with its even more impressive techniques, that makes kitesurfers’ hearts beat faster. Rising to impressive heights, pulling off tricks, and finally returning gracefully to the surface of the water. Maybe you’ll want to give it a try…Or maybe you’ll just enjoy a great show.

  • Kitesurf in the Meridien beach in Noumea

    Some kitesurfing spots in New Caledonia

    • MĂ©ridien Beach in NoumĂ©a, the first meeting place for Noumean riders when their working day is done.
    • MaĂ®tre Island, off the coast of NoumĂ©a, is particularly well suited to all levels thanks to a nearly 2 kilometer reef.
    • TĂ©nia Island with its waves is ideal for freestyle.
    • PoĂ© Beach with its vast reef is also appreciated by kitesurfers of all levels.

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