Boasting great conditions, spectacular scenery and an abundance of fantastic spots to try your hand at this thrilling sport, New Caledonia kitesurfing is perfect for beginners and experienced thrillseekers alike. Find shallow, protected waters and sandy bottomed beaches ideal for wave riding, and embrace the opportunity to spot fish, turtles, dugongs, and other marine species. Take a walk along the edge of the world’s largest lagoon and you’ll see dozens of kiteboards speeding along the water, showcasing their speed, skill and unique tricks. Loved by locals and international visitors, it’s a sport that’s sure to entice anyone looking for their next adventure.

Glide across the waters of the lagoon

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  • Kitesurf in the Maitre Islet in Noumea, New Caledonia

    A sense of community

    It may be a solo sport traditionally, but in New Caledonia, kitesurfing certainly attracts a sense of community. Kitesurfers share techniques, sporting secrets and plenty of fun along the way. With more and more visitors trying their hand at the sport or travelling to the archipelago to experience the beauty of the region firsthand, the community has never felt stronger. Men and women of all ages simply can’t get enough of this unforgettable island activity. The conditions here are ideal, with weeks where you can’t get on the board few and far between! If you’re new to the sport, you’ll find kiteboarding schools in both Nouméa and Poé, making for a fun activity to try with the whole family.

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  • Kitesurf in the islet in New Caledonia

    Playing with the wind

    Although the idea of harnessing the wind might seem simple in theory, learning to control and direct the wing (the kite section of the equipment) is certainly a lot harder than it sounds. However, with a few hours of training from experienced kitesurfers, anyone can quickly learn the basics needed to see you skimming the waters of the lagoon with ease. You might not be able to master the skills needed to become a kitesurfing champion during your first lesson, but with practice, you’ll find that each adventure out on the water becomes that little bit easier. The Alizés (trade winds) tend to be stronger during the wet season, between November to March, making for better conditions for experienced kitesurfers.

  • Kitesurf freestyle in New Caledonia

    Countless disciplines to master

    After you’ve confidently mastered the wings, any kitesurfer’s next big challenge is to decide which discipline takes their fancy. With more than one type of kitesurfing to choose from, it can be fun to try out a few and find your favourite. Go for speed kitesurfing if you can’t turn down anything that’s fast and furious, try freestyle kitesurfing if you’re captivated by impressive techniques and tricks, have a go at big air kitesurfing if heart stopping heights don’t phase you in the slightest, or experience the magic of foil kiteboarding, which sees you gliding across the water with ease. Whether you want to give them all a go, or simply watch from the shore as well practiced board riders showcase their skills, the diversity of New Caledonia’s kitesurfing scene is truly enchanting.

  • Kitesurf in the Meridien beach in Noumea

    New Caledonia kitesurfing spots

    Searching for the perfect place for kitesurfing in New Caledonia? Check out these great spots:

    • Méridien Beach - best for experienced freestyle kitesurfers
    • Maître Island - suited to all skill levels
    • Ténia Island - ideal for freestyle kitesurfing
    • Goéland Island - great for freestyle kitesurfing
    • Poé Beach - appreciated by kitesurfers of all levels
    • Dumbéa Pass - loved by freestyle kitesurfing fans
    • Ouano Beach - suited to all skill levels and perfect for a camping trip

    If you happen to be staying close to the beach in Nouméa, you’ll find plenty of great kitesurfing spots. Simply grab your board, head to the beach and you’ll be good to go! With warm, protected waters, you’ll only need to pack your swimsuit and board shorts, leaving more room for other essentials.

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