For those who love board sports, whatever you do, do not miss the Caledonian lagoon! With perfectly smooth water, almost constant breezes, waves for a technical challenge. In Nouméa or off the coast of the main island, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and bodyboarding are perfect to do all throughout the year!

Sails to the horizon

As soon as the slightest sustained breeze picks up, there’s something like a rush to the beach and the water. Sails fill and set out to sea immediately. The water surface off Nouméa is ideal for daily practice, and is also friendly as windsurfers share their passion for sailing and for the ocean. And for novices who want to get in on the adventure, there’s no shortage of schools along the bays of the capital, but also outside the urban area.

Discover board sports

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  • Kitesurf in Noumea, New Caledonia

    Kitesurfing at full sail

    This sport is constantly being developed and perfected, to the point that Caledonians are now showing off their talent on the national and international scenes. With their board and sail, kitesurfers crisscross the surface of the lagoon and follow the winds and the waves. They can reach impressive heights and perform extremely technical figures. This sport will be enjoyed by those who love an adrenaline rush.

  • Windsurf in New Caledonia

    Windsurfing is always popular

    As a board-sports paradise, windsurfing has been the top board sport for several decades in New Caledonia. With Robert Teriitehau in the lead, a multiple champion of France and the world, the territory has constantly shone through in the world of windsurfing. From the north to the south, schools teach the first lessons and required techniques to do windsurfing so you can be free on the crests of the waves!

  • Stand up paddle in New Caledonia

    Board sports in all its forms

    The list of boardsports available in New Caledonia is endless. Sailboats and catamarans are countless, and jet-skis and motorboats are also perfect ways to get around the ocean and enjoy a majestic environment. And who could forget about surfing, which many amateurs enjoy off the coast of Bourail, a legendary community on the west coast. The most recent sport, stand-up paddle (or SUP) has finally found a place in New Caledonia, just for fun or for a much more athletic challenge.

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