An island where unspoilt landscapes coexist with traditions passed down through the generations, Maré, New Caledonia is a part of the archipelago that needs to be seen to be believed. Although the island’s character may appear mysterious at first, the rich history that has bestowed it with a steadfast identity of its own leaves you wanting to see and discover further. An experience full of encounters and emotions, discovering the beauty and depth of Maré takes time, but leaves those who make the effort well and truly rewarded.

The most easterly of the Loyalty Islands, Maré is the first to welcome the morning sun, the caress of the trade winds and the beginning of the yam season. Taking out the title of the highest island in the New Caledonian archipelago, it also happens to be the second largest in the Loyalty Islands grouping, remaining largely untouched by the outside world. Boasting breathtaking beauty, unforgettable experiences and unmatched serenity, you’ll find that there’s nowhere else quite like Maré.

Spectacular natural beauty

Wild by nature, the island’s landscapes effortlessly combine the spectacle of steep cliffs and dense, dark forests with fine sand coves and impressive rocky headlands. Quite unlike anywhere else, the scenery provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to explore what makes Maré Island so unique.

Located to the south of Tadine, Maré’s Aquarium Naturelle (natural aquarium) is one of the island’s incredible attractions. Home to crystal clear waters and surrounded by lush vegetation, it’s a true natural marvel. Keep an eye out for the incredible marine species that call the waters home, from a variety of colourful fish to turtles, but be aware that swimming and snorkelling is not permitted.

One of Maré’s top attractions, Warrior’s Leap is a worthy addition to any island itinerary, pairing incredible scenery with a local legend that is just as captivating. Rising close to 30 metre above the ocean, the gorge is said to have acted as an escape route for a warrior cornered by enemies - a heroic feat that shouldn’t be replicated by even the most athletic of visitors.

As for Maré’s beaches, each of them offers something a little different, from the immaculate white sands of Wabao and Kurine to the rugged terrain of Pede or Shabadran. Globe-trotting tourists from across the world hail Pede Beach as one of the world’s most beautiful, making it an attraction that certainly shouldn’t be missed.

So much to see and do across Maré Island

Although the coast may receive most of the attention, the island’s interior is not to be outdone. From the Pethoen and Medu caves to the legendary Hnaenedre fortifications, the Bone Abyss and the legendary Wapoulanode mound, the island is full of curiosities that’ll require more than one visit to fully explore.

Throughout the year, festivities punctuate life on Maré Island, providing a great introduction to the local culture and way of life. Make your way to the Avocado Festival in May and try avocado-based specialties, take part in fun activities and enjoy some lively local music and dancing. Maré’s wealth of activities is sure to constantly surprise, as is the warm welcome offered to you by the locals.

  • Tourism office in Nengone
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday : 7h30 - 11h30 and 12h30 - 16h30
  • Telephone: + 687 45 03 49
  • Email:
Maré Loyalty islands in New Caledonia
Practical information

The Maréens’ main activity remains horticulture, supplying all of New Caledonia with fruit and vegetables with unique colours and flavours. Though introduced to the island relatively late, avocado farming is well established today, to the extent that the island’s avocados fly off the stands of Nouméa’s markets. For a few years now, an avocado festival has been held on the first weekend of May. It is the crowning glory of the Maré avocado’s flavoursome reputation!

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