Maré is an island where the singular beauty of the unspoilt landscapes echoes the traditions preserved by its inhabitants. Maré is a place to be discovered with the heart. This island’s character may sometimes appear mysterious, but it also boasts an exceptionally rich history that confers it such a strong identity.

The island’s character is sure to leave a lasting mark on visitors taking the time to tame it and grasp its true nature. An experience full of encounters and emotions, discovering Maré is also an inner journey, exploring the heart of the island’s many facets.

The most austral of the Loyalty Islands is the first to welcome the rays of the sun, the caress of the trade winds and the beginning of the yam season. It is also the highest island in the archipelago. In the south, the five superimposed geological coral layers that form the island reach almost 130 meters.

The legendary warrior’s leap in Wakone

Wild by nature, the island’s landscapes offer the spectacle of steep cliffs, dense and dark forests, and marvelous little fine sand coves nestled between impressive rocky headlands, one of which is known as the legendary warrior’s leap in Wakone. The natural aquarium to the south of Tadine is also sure to delight snorkeling lovers looking to swim in the midst of countless multi-colored fish.

As for the beaches, each of them in turn offers a stunning spectacle, such as the immaculate white sand of Wabao or Kurine, or the rugged terrain of Pede or Shabadran. Even globe-trotting tourists hail Pede beach as one of the world’s most beautiful …

From the avocado festival to the sea festival

The island’s interior is not to be outdone. From the Pethoen and Medu caves to the legendary Hnaenedre fortifications, to the Bone abyss or the legendary Wapoulanode mound, the island is full of curiosities calling for more than one visit to fully explore.

And it is also worth taking the time to participate in the festivities that punctuate life on the island. The avocado festival, of course, in May, but also September’s tourism festival, or the Sea festival held in Ménaku in early November. Maré’s wealth of activities is sure to constantly surprise, as is the warm welcome offered to you by the locals. The island’s population is the result of more marked racial mixing that on the neighbouring Loyalty Islands.

  • Tourism office in Nengone
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday : 7h30 - 11h30 and 12h30 - 16h30
  • Telephone: + 687 45 41 07
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Maré Loyalty islands in New Caledonia
Practical information

The Maréens’ main activity remains horticulture, supplying all of New Caledonia with fruit and vegetables with unique colors and flavors. Though introduced to the island relatively late, avocado growing is well established today. To the extent that the island’s avocados fly off the stands of Nouméa’s markets. For a few years now, an avocado festival has been held on the first weekend of May. It is the crowning glory of the Maré avocado’s flavorsome reputation!

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