Just a few cable-lengths from Oro Bay, known for being the location of a famous hotel, is a natural basin cut out of the coral, whose reputation has broken out of the borders of New Caledonia.

It can be easily reached via a route which runs along a section of the sea whose waters are incomparably clear and bordered by a colonnade of majestic palm trees.

A legendary place

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  • Oro Bay in the Isle of Pines

    A natural aquarium

    Surrounded by sharp rocks, Oro’s natural swimming pool offers an enchanting setting of rare magnificence. In this basin, covering around one hectare (according to the Mareans...), thousands of multi-coloured fish show themselves off to tourists who have come to admire them. Be careful, however, not to step on the corals. The ecosystem of this natural aquarium, with its clear and limpid waters, is exceptionally fragile; it is only right to respect it.

  • Oro Bay in the Isle of Pines

    The legend of Oro

    You might even find yourself at the centre of a scary local legend, which states that Oro contains a taboo place which hides a giant serpent, the Manghénine, who haunts this place by night. Watch out for an unplanned encounter !

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