Pickled trochus, perfumed vanilla, guava paste, honey from the seaside or even venison sausage… New Caledonia is an entire new chapter of culinary knowledge. Here cuisine is part of culture! 

The Markets for Buying Local Products

An inland market, a farmer's market, or even a restaurant… You can find local products in the shops of Nouméa, but you can also buy them at markets and fairs. Every Saturday, the “Marché Broussard” market opens in Nouméa and you can  buy unique products directly from their producers. 

Local Flavors

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  • Wenene market in Thio, New Caledonia

    Local Colors and Flavors

    The fairs, festivals, and feasts all year round provide a chance to taste typical local products and bring them back home with you. The markets in Farino and Bourail are particularly well-known for offering beautiful products. One unusual example, the Bancoul (candlenut) worm festival in  Farino offers you a chance to taste the famous worm. Try it on site!

  • venison salami at Farino market

    Local Souvenirs

    Take a bit of New Caledonia back with you. Vanilla pods, small jars of sweet-smelling honey, pepper puree, or even corned beef! The local products will not escape your notice, starting from the seafood that you can taste all year round. Lobster remains the king of seafood dishes! Don't forget the foie gras, which becomes unique when combined with mango or local vanilla. A real delicacy. 

  • Coliscalin®


    Coliscalin® is a 100% Caledonian gift box ready to offer in express home delivery, first in France and Europe, then in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The products, derived from local know-how, are selected throughout the territory (achards, jam, manta beer, number one beer, kô salt, lifou vanilla, lifou honey, coffee or chocolate bean …). Discover the gift pack on the website.

  • Local beer in New Caledonia

    Craft beer in the tropics

    Although New Caledonia has not been steeped in brewing traditions, many 100% local craft breweries have sprung up in the capital in recent years. Some of the beers have even won awards worldwide. What better way to quench your thirst than a nice cold beer with a good head on it? Whether on draught or bottled, get to the heart of the matter by discovering new flavours from Caledonian microbreweries run by passionate people. Also available in supermarkets. To be enjoyed in moderation.

    Local stars: Havannah, Number One, Manta, Brouss'Mousse...

    Some great places to buy a round in Nouméa: Les 3 Brasseurs, Le Fronton, Le Domaine du Faubourg

New Cal is waiting for you


Day trip at Signal island and snorkeling with turtles.

Half day

Play golf around the lagoon of New Caledonia.


Cruise in the lagoon on a cosy catamaran.