New Caledonia is renowned for its cosmopolitan cooking, oscillating between tradition and modernity, with many talented chefs and numerous restaurants. It is the ideal place for gourmets and connoisseurs looking for surprising and intense flavours. A delicious gastronomic experience that will leave a lasting memory.

Bonjour traditional French cooking

Slow cooked meals, traditional bistro dishes, terroir products, you will find French cooking at its best in New Caledonia. Why not try the traditional blanquette de veau, duck confit, quenelles or delicious foie gras.

Experience a fusion gastronomy full of flavours

The cuisine is inspired by the different communities living together in New Caledonia : Melanesian, Asian, Wallisian, Tahitian and French. A richness which inspires our local chefs who love to rediscover local products with a modern twist. For an explosion of colours and flavours, head to Au Petit Café, So Food and l’Ed'Zen in Noumea.

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  • Hippocampe restaurant at the Méridien of Nouméa New Caledonia

    Wine and dine in the best restaurants of our luxury hotels

    You will find the best of New Caledonian cooking at the restaurants of our many high end hotels around the mainland and the islands. During your trip, you will be spoilt for choice. Try the a la carte menu or delicious buffets  from the Le Meridien Noumea, Le Meridien Isle of Pines, Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort or La Néa in Kone. A delicious trip awaits!

  • Variety of seafood of New Caledonia

    A seafood diet in a seafood heaven

    Surrounded by the largest lagoon in the world, New Caledonia is heaven for seafood lovers. You will be amazed by the variety of fish and coquillages, bénitiers et trocas, crayfish and coconut crab. Don’t forget to try the New Caledonian prawns, a blue variety of prawns native to New Caledonia and exported all around the world. 

  • Try the bougna, traditional Melanesian dish

    Try the bougna, traditional Melanesian dish

    It is probably the most popular dish in New Caledonia. A traditional stew made of one protein (either chicken, local meat or fish) mixed with yams, sweet potatoes, bananes poingo, ignames, and cooked in coconut milk. The dish is covered in banana leaves and slow cooks for hours on the hot stones of the ‘Kanak oven’. The bougna is a special dish best shared with the local tribe.

  • bush delicacies beef and venison

    Try the bush delicacies: beef and venison

    With a true stockmen tradition, New Caledonia is renowned for its beef of excellent quality. The venison meat is also very popular and cooked many different ways: deer skewers on the barbecue, venison salad or stew. In the bush, one of the best restaurants to try the venison is Le Refuge du Cerf. A lovely guesthouse with an amazing view on the lagoon and a beautiful menu!

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