New Caledonia is an archipelago rich in museums and cultural centres, which make it possible both to preserve memory and celebrate contemporary culture. Most of them can be found in Nouméa.

Preserve memory

From the most ancient, the museum of New Caledonia, to the most recent, the Second World War Museum, inaugurated in 2013, Nouméa offers a wide array of museums that are completed by the City's Museum and the Marine Museum.

The museums of Grande Terre

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  • Bourail museum New Caledonia

    Bush museums and cultural centres

    Some 90 minutes from Nouméa, the Bourail Museum is a concentrate of everyday objects from life in the bush, in particular from the region's agricultural heritage. Further north, the Coffee Ecomuseum, also based in an old colonial building, makes it possible to discover this crop, which has led more than one family of pioneers to settle in the country. 

    Other cultural centres :

  • The Tiébaghi village in Koumac New Caledonia

    The Tiébaghi village, an open-air museum

    Perched high above the mine, at an altitude of 600 meters, the old mining village of Tiébaghi in the north of the Grande Terre, in the Koumac municipality, is a treasure jealously preserved by an association of enthusiasts and where surprises abound.

    Chief among those surprises is this village, which was built energetically in the 1870s, and is now a true outdoor museum. A hospital, a theatre and, especially, the lives of miners: you will learn about all this in detail during an exciting three-hour visit to the heart of these remarkably restored and preserved remains.

  • New Caledonia Museum

    The night of museums

    Each May, the museums and the cultural centres of the archipelago join up in a festival that makes it possible to visit museums at night. Totally free, this community event is best experienced as a route across the various museums in the city and in the bush, all under the floodlights!

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