In the heart of the Pacific, New Caledonia is a land of mixed cultures. Caledonians are proud of their island and unique identity. Accents, languages, gastronomy, New Caledonia’s culture is a true melting pot of influences, promise of rich encounters and exceptional journey.

A culture influenced by the expression Carpe Diem

If you want to experience the true « New Cal » lifestyle, go and get yourself some flip flops (tongs) and a cap. Caledonians love to take it easy when it comes to fashion and usually adopt a relaxed and casual style. No need to bring the black dress or suit for a diner on lemon Bay. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed and we love to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.

An island identity

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  • A culture based on friendship

    A culture based on friendship

    Get off the beaten track by meeting Caledonian people. They do love to tease the tourists but are extremely generous and ready to share with you the love of their country. You will meet them at the market, in the restaurant and bars, in the guesthouses or again in the tribes. Make new friends and get the best local tips!

  • A culture based on flavours

    A culture based on flavours

    One of the best ways to meet Caledonians is around a good table. Here, we love our food, and we love mixing Oceania flavours like raw fish salad with some Asian Influences like nems or samosas. The main dishes in New Caledonia are usually curry or coconut based and rice is always an essential component of the meals.

  • A culture of local expressions

    A culture of local expressions

    • Tata or  taltoul : bye bye
    • Fin valab’ or  C’est choc : Great !
    • Baigner la mer : in New Caledonia you don’t ‘go to the beach’ but ‘to the sea’ and it is not conceivable not to swim !
    • Barrer or se barrer : to leave
    • Boulette ! : Be in great form
    • Broussard : someone who leaves in the bush e.g Bushman
    • Bus: is pronounced the English way

    … and many more expressions to discover

New Cal is waiting for you

Half day

Play golf around the lagoon of New Caledonia.

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Experience the extraordinary wonders of New Caledonia.