In New Caledonia, the horse is king. Used for work, casual riding, competitions and more, horses, both wild and domesticated, are as much a part of the local landscape as the region’s other top attractions. There’s even one horse for every 20 people living within the archipelago. With so much incredible scenery just waiting to be discovered, from the mountains to the waterfront, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like New Caledonia horse riding.

Horseback adventures for everyone

Home to diverse landscapes that cannot be always readily explored by car or on foot, New Caledonia horse riding adventures offer a great opportunity to see more of this spectacular region. Catering to a variety of skill levels and experience, there’s a tour to suit just about everyone. Set out on a short one hour ride, spend a day exploring on horseback or enjoy a weekend at one with nature.

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  • Horse riding in West coast of New Caledonia

    On pace in the mountain chain

    Overlooking wide open plains, majestic peaks and the Pacific Ocean, taking the time to scale Grand Terre’s mountain range on horseback is well worth the effort. Not only will you be rewarded with some of the archipelago’s best vantage points, but also the satisfaction of completing the challenging journey. If you happen to join a tour led by an experienced local guide, you may also have the chance to see and learn more about the flora and fauna that calls the region home. From native birds to plant species that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s a special way to discover more of what makes this island group so special. Set out on a day trip to remember or explore over several days, enjoying a tribal stay or a bivouac camp out along the way.

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  • Horse riding at the beach in New Caledonia

    Galloping at the water's edge

    Leaving behind the heights of Grande Terre’s mountains, a completely different experience awaits as you reach the shore. The Lebris peninsula, near La Foa, is home to some truly beautiful coastal stretches that are not only great to ride along, but also offer the perfect backdrop for a picnic with a view. Enjoy a trot along the beach, explore expanses of mangroves at low tide or go for a refreshing swim in the nearby lagoon. If you happen to be an experienced rider, there’s nothing to stop you from soaring into a gallop as you discover these spectacular stretches of sand.

  • Stockmen, guide, New Caledonia

    On the saddle for a piece of history

    While horse riding in New Caledonia may seem like an activity that’s best for soaking up the local scenery, there’s so much more to see and do than just sightseeing when you climb into the saddle. As you make your way along trails and through remote terrain, you can learn more about the history of New Caledonia from your guides. Living and working on the land, they’ll share tales of local families, past and present, the history of the area and how life in the archipelago has changed over time. Embrace the opportunity to ask questions and familiarise yourself with this incredible corner of the globe.

  • Cattle farming in New Caledonia

    Horse riding, Western style

    Looking for the perfect opportunity to put on your cowboy hat, jeans and leather boots, and set out on an old fashioned horse riding adventure? It might not seem like the right part of the world to live out your cowboy dreams, but if you’re lucky, some of New Caledonia’s landowners may invite you to accompany them on a day of cattle tracking. Be aware, though, that horse riding experience is required. A true once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn about life on the land, it’s one that you definitely won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Enjoy the spectacle of the broussards (Caledonian cowboys) driving cattle across wide open plains and discover just how important the horse is to the local cowboy culture.

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