Are you looking for a breath of fresh air? Do you want to spread your wings far from solid ground? Would you like to discover New Caledonia from the azure heavens? Ultralight flying is the perfect way to make your dreams come true!

Paradise seen from the sky

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  • Aeroclub in New Caledonia

    Glide in the sky

    When you first hop on an ultralight aircraft, you're bound to have some mixed feelings. The excitement of knowing you'll soon rise above the runway and the lagoon mingles with the impression of fragility, due to the appearance of the aircraft. However, for the duration of the trip, this small aeroplane will become a light and reassuring shell that will take you an extraordinary journey. Become the passenger of an experienced pilot looking to share with you an intense feeling of freedom and admiration. Once you're equipped with the safety and comfort gear, the journey begins...

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  • Ultralight flights in New Caledonia

    Immediate takeoff

    A few dozen metres are enough to give momentum to an ultralight aircraft. Under the blazing tropical sun, this mechanical bird climbs quickly, pushed by its engine and carried by the wind. Open your eyes: the dream begins! Whether your flight begins next to the lagoon or from a runway farther inland matters little: the magical landscapes will amaze you. The ultralight aircraft flies over the ground and the water very gently.

  • Ultralight flights in New Caledonia

    Rocks, forest and waves

    Thanks to the maneuvrability of the aircraft, the pilot is able to get close to heights to uncover the green and ochre hues of the mountain chain or the forests, and maybe even observe a few dances of deer and wild pigs. Above the magical lagoon, colours become brighter, the flatlands can be seen surrounded by dark backgrounds and the ocean inhabitants romp without worrying about your admiring glances. It's not unusual to see the wake of sea turtles, to observe the happy jumps of a dolphin or even, if you choose the southern lagoon as your destination in July or August, to see majestic humpback whales come under the warm waters of the archipelago.

  • Heart of Voh in New Caledonia

    The beating heart

    And, if you choose to travel to the north of New Caledonia, don't miss the famous Heart of Voh in the middle of the mangrove, immortalised by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Ultralight aircraft have the advantage of being able to offer a journey with many facets: a discovery of the different faces of nature in New Caledonia. And, under the complicit eye of the pilot, you can even find yourself at the controls so you can experience the unique feeling of mastering the sky.

New Cal is waiting for you

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