Excitement Seekers Itinerary in New Caledonia

9 days of exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in New Caledonia 

You are passionate and inquisitive and always on the look out for new travel experiences — the more innovative and exciting, the better! For you, every day is a new adventure, somewhere just waiting to be explored. New Caledonia is a land of contrasts where different cultures live side by side and it is just perfect for you. How about flying over the barrier reef off the west coast? Or dining at a French restaurant on the edge of the lagoon in Noumea? Or hiking, snorkelling and kayaking surrounded by lush, wild landscapes? This 9-day itinerary is a somehow a condensed “world tour” in itself and is less than 3 hours away by plane!

For each day, find out 3 accommodation and cafés/restaurants options classified by price range:
1 night for 2:  $< 10 000 XPF, $$ < 15 000 XPF and $$$ > 15 000 XPF / Main $< 2 000 XPF, $$ < 3 000 XPF and $$$ > 3000 

Summary of the itinerary:

Duration: 9 days

Distance:  424 km (excluding trips to the islands)

Areas:  Nouméa, Great South, West CoastIslands (Lifou)



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Day 1 — Arrival at the airport in the afternoon and drive to Nouméa


La Tontouta International Airpot - Noumea

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone La Tontouta airport — Nouméa: 45 minutes



  •  Tour the area in an electric vehicle around the bays of Nouméa
  •  Win your first Pacific Francs at the casino
  •  Embark your friends on a Laser tag Game

Upon arrival at La Tontouta airport, you will be picked up by a shuttle that will take you to Nouméa, the capital. Once in town, go to Baie des Citrons and Anse-Vata bay and admire the turquoise lagoon. Take the opportunity to hire an electric scooter, skateboard, bike or hoverboard with Eplay and enjoy a drive along the bays. Do you like the thrill of gambling or gaming? Visit Nouméa's Casino or try your hand at a Laser Tag Game at the Quaies Ferry! Continue your evening with dinner at one of the delicious waterfront French restaurants followed by a cocktail in a bar by the Baie des Citrons!

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Carré d'As $$$ / Babar Café $$  / Ulysse snack bar $
Airport shuttles: Arc en ciel $ / Les Mouettes $ / Go Shuttle $


Day 2 - Catch the waves in Nouméa


Amédée Island Noumea

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone ---



  •  Take a jet ski out to an unspoilt islet
  •  Try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing
  •  Or simply enjoy the lagoon

Admire the lagoon, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, while having fun as you try out different water sports in Nouméa. For example, hire a jet ski with Locajet and head over to Ilot Maitre and swim among colourful tropical fishes. Or try your hand at kitesurfing, a popular Caledonian hobby, with Vakarm Kite-School! On Anse-Vata beach, hire a windsurf board with Aloha Windsurfing and learn to glide along with the wind... Thrills and spills guaranteed!

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: L'Edzen $$$ / La Pirogue - Château Royal $$$ / Jeeves $$ / Le Fun $$ / Le Faré du Palm Beach $ / Rimba Juice $


Day 3 - Explore the south


Blue River Park New Caledonia

YATÉ    |    voiture icone Nouméa - Yaté: 1 hour 45 minutes (70 km)



  •  Treat yourself with an exciting trip in a four-wheel drive vehicle along the red earth tracks
  •  Paddle through the gum oaks in the Blue River Park
  •  Go hiking on the GR® South

The southern region of New Caledonia with it stunning landscape is a fabulous outdoor playground to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences.. Discover a region with a large choice of day-long activities from Nouméa. An excursion in four-wheel drive vehicles with Caledonia Offroad Latitude will appeal to thrill seekers. The combined kayak & mountain bike offer from Sud Loisirs is perfect to explore the Blue River Park. Here, you will have the best chance of seeing a cagou, New Caledonia's emblematic animal. Finally, keen hikers can complete the first stage of the GR® South on their own or get logistical support from Toutazimut, for a trek from a village buried beneath the vegetation to the vast plains.

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Le Roof $$$ / Texas Grill $$ / Sandwiches in the Great South $ / Sports Bar Ramada $


Day 4 - Nouméa sensations


Nouméa Zip Line

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone Nouméa - Dumbéa natural park: 30 minutes (25 km) / Nouméa - Païta: 36 minutes (33 km)



  •  Glide over the treetops 90 metres high on a zip line! 
  •  Go horse riding in the Dumbéa natural park
  •  Challenge your friends at a paintball game

Back in Nouméa, more exciting new experiences await! This time, embark on thrilling activities in a beautiful natural setting on the edge of the city. Launch yourself into the air on a zip line in the heart of Païta forest with La Belle Verte. In Dumbéa, go horse riding in the heart of the natural park with Yala Ranch or challenge your friends at a game of paintball with Adrénaline Paintball. At the end of the day, head back to Nouméa for a well-deserved cocktail by the capital's bays as the sun goes down!

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Lézard Home $$$ / Marmite et Tire-bouchon $$$ / Dumbéa golf course restaurant $$ / Il Piccolo $$ / Snack bar at Domaine de La Couvelière $


Day 5 - A day-trip in the bush


Skydiving New Caledonia

BOUAIL / LA FOA     |    voiture icone Nouméa - Bourail: 2 hours 06 (174 km) / Nouméa - La Foa: 1 hour 20 (108 km)



  •  For an adrenaline rush, try skydiving
  •  Immerse yourself in bush culture in Bourail
  •  Discover the Kanak customs with a local tribe at La Foa

Starting from Nouméa, we offer three unique day-trips to discover the west coast of New Caledonia: 

1/ Skydiving at Poé airfield: for a real adrenaline rush over the turquoise lagoon, with a view of the coral reef, the plains and New Caledonia's central chain. Nouméa Skydive ensures a return shuttle service from Nouméa.

2/ Immerse yourself in the bush culture of the stockmen and the Caledonian far west with Bourail Shuttle Service: including a meal and visit to a farm, cattle feeding and tasting the farm's produce.

3/ A welcome from a Kanak tribe organised by Bourail Shuttle Service: traditional customs, lunch in a traditional wooden house, tour of the fields, weaving or fishing workshop...

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: The Beach House $$$ / Excursion meal $$ / La Guinche $$ / Buenos Tacos $
Transfers: Nouméa Skydive or Bourail Shuttle Service


Day 6 - The beaches and caves of Lifou


Beach in Lifou, Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

LIFOU    |    avion icone Nouméa - Lifou: 40 minutes flight



  •  Swim in the caves of Luengoni equipped with fins, mask and snorkel
  •  Bask on the picture-postcard beach of Luengoni
  •  Head to Peng beach to admire the sunset

A change of scenery for this 6th day. In the morning, take off from the Nouméa-Magenta domestic airport to Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands! After picking up your rental car at Wé airport, head south of the island to make the most of the wonderful Luengoni Beach. With its white sand and crystal-clear water, this is sheer heaven! Watch out for the turtles who often make an appearance. For lunch, if you didn't buy a sandwich at Wé, you can eat at L'Oasis de Kiamu or Chez Bella. Don't forget to book ahead! In the afternoon, swim in the Luengoni caves (organised guided tour Chez Bella), then drive back to Peng beach to witness a magical sunset...

Hotels: Hôtel Drehu Village $$$ / Hôtel Oasis de Kiamu $$ / Chez Bella $
Restaurants: Drehu Village $$$ / Oasis de Kiamu $$  / Chez Bella $


Day 7 - Enjoy a tribal welcome in Lifou


Welcome in the Kanak Tribe - Lifou

LIFOU    |    voiture icone ---



  •  Take part in the tribe's daily life
  •  Walk the customary path and take in the local plantations
  •  Prepare the bougna 

The island of Lifou is not only known for its white sandy beaches and its unrivalled natural gems. It is also a privileged destination for once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the Kanak tribes that live on the island. Several families have decided to open their doors, much to the delight of visitors. Programme of the day, organised with Tamanou Beach, Lifou Nature or Chez Jeannette: Kanak customs, cooking and tasting the bougna — a traditional dish, a visit to the huts and plantations, introduction to the secrets of medicinal plants... The kind of day you may only experience once in your lifetime.

Hotels: Hôtel Drehu Village $$$ / Hôtel Oasis de Kiamu $$ / Chez Bella $
Restaurants: Drehu Village $$$ / Oasis de Kiamu $$  / Chez Bella $


Day 8 - Dive in the Lifou lagoon


Snorkeling in Lifou, Loyalty Islands New Caledonia

LIFOU / NOUMÉA    |    avion icone Lifou - Nouméa: 40 minutes flight 



  •  Take a boat trip to admire the island from a new angle
  •  Go snorkelling to see multicoloured fishes and corals up close
  •  Admire the view from the cliffs of Jokin before going for a dip in the lagoon

For this last morning in Lifou, dive amongst tropical fishes in the Lifou lagoon. There are several popular spots, with easy access. You can set off in a boat to go snorkelling with Rand'O Palmée. Otherwise, there are two stunning sites where you can go snorkelling on your own, at the Jokin Cliffs and in Jinek Bay. These unspoilt open-air aquariums are home to a wide variety of fish and corals of every colour imaginable. Good tip: you can hire snorkelling equipment in Jokin, at Faré Falaise. After your swim, have a bite to eat on the island and then fly back to the capital, Nouméa.

Hotels: Hôtel Château Royal $$$ / Hôtel Beaurivage $$ / Nouméa Youth Hostel $
Restaurants: Drehu Village $$$ / Le Roof $$$ / Oasis de Kiamu $$ / Stone Grill $$  / Le Pary snack bar $ / Les 3 Brasseurs $


Day 9 — Return flight (9am or 12pm)


Brunch in Noumea, New Caledonia

NOUMÉA    |    voiture icone Nouméa - La Tontouta airport: 45 minutes



  •  Have brunch in Nouméa
  •  Pick up a few souvenirs from the shops around Anse-Vata
  •  Enjoy one last time on Anse-Vata beach

If you have a bit of time left before your return flight (especially if you're taking the 12:00 flight), have lunch overlooking the lagoon at the Babar Café by the Baie des Citrons  browse the shops around Anse-Vata and admire the lagoon one last time from Anse-Vata beach... It is time to take your shuttle to La Tontouta International Airport and to say aurevoir… until next time!

Restaurants: Babar Café $$$ / Lemon Bay $$ / French Café $



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