Tipico Latino

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Discover Mexican cuisine.

  • Tuesday to Friday: 11.30 am - 9.30 pm Saturday to Sunday: 11 am - 2 pm / 7 pm - 10 pm

Discover Mexican cuisine. You will appreciate a wide choice of typical dishes of Latin America, gluten-free or still vegetarian.

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#1 of 253 Places to Eat in Noumea 139 reviews

"Overrated" 16/01/2019
The restaurant is nice, and the staff are friendly, but the food is average at best and very very expensive for what it is. A restaurant that served food like this would not last long in Aus… Read full review

"Prolly the best in Anse Vata " 27/12/2018
Explosion of flavours in an area of blah flavours. Hailing from a country that has really really knockout food, I found food in Noumea rather dull. Some of the French cuisine are good but no… Read full review