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Located in Wé, this eatery serves paninis and pizzas as well as an original daily special.

  • Au centre de Wé, face à la pharmacie.
  • Lifou Qanono
  • Tel : +687 450978
  • Mob : +687 730253
  • Open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm (snack bar) and 5 pm to 9 pm (pizzeria).

Finemem is located in the centre of Wé where, in the old days, locals used to "purify” the Napoléon fish ("finemem" in the local language). Once prepared, the fish was offered to the Gaïca high chief. Finemem features a fast-food menu with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, paninis and pizzas (in the evening). It also offers an original daily special such as fish in vanilla sauce, couscous, tajine, rougail, Colombo, etc.

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Restaurant CFP Pound
Daily set menu
500 4
Hamburgers, paninis menu
600 5
Pizza (evening)
1000 8