New Caledonia: The French paradise on New Zealand's doorstep

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Spectacular natural scenery, jaw-droppingly beautiful islands and a unique fusion of French and Melanesian culture make New Caledonia one of the true jewels of the South Pacific. One of New Zealand’s closest neighbours, the archipelago is just a short flight away, making it the perfect destination for a short break, an indulgent holiday or something in between. At just 3 hours direct from Auckland, it’s easy to set out on your own incredible New Caledonia holiday, lazing on untouched white sands beneath the warm Pacific sun, getting active with golf, diving, hiking and other exciting activities, or simply taking the time to kick back and relax. From a UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoon to experiences that simply cannot be found anywhere else, your next New Caledonia holiday is sure to be unforgettable.

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