Many Caledonian hikers will tell you: the walk towards the Dogny Plateau and the paths that cross it are among the best-loved of local people. Others will even tell you that it's the most-beautiful hike in the territory.

After you read the few lines that follow, you should normally have a strong desire to pull on your boots and go to La Cuve du Trou Feillet, which is where the route starts. But beware! This is no ordinary Sunday afternoon stroll. The one thousand meters of upward altitude difference and the seven hours of walking are likely to give you thigh and buttock muscles of steel! The route (classified as difficult) leading to the plateau is long and tiring. But once you get to the top, the view is magic, absolutely breath-taking.

Once you’ve got there, forget the effort you put in and remember that you’re at a historic site. Here, for centuries, the tribes of the west coast and east coast used to barter and exchange.

A beautiful hike!

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  • A remarkably-preserved primary forest!

    A remarkably-preserved primary forest!

    Once you reach the cusp of the plateau, you should not feel any obligation whatsoever to end your walk. If you take one of the many paths that criss-cross the plateau, you can be enthralled by one of the most-remarkably conserved primary forests in the territory. You end up kind of hoping to see some dinosaur from the Jurassic era surge out from somewhere or come around a corner, so strong is the impression of having taken a leap back in time! 
    At the heart of the plateau, a path – a very steep one, too, so be careful if the ground is wet – allows you to approach, lower down, an absolutely-magnificent waterhole that forks away into multiple little streams of water nested in extravagant, luxuriant vegetation. The impression of being at the dawn of the world literally ebbs within you. Some rare and original beauty...

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