Located in Sarraméa, a municipality in the north-west of New Caledonia, about 120 kilometers from Nouméa, La Cuve du Trou Feuillet is an ideal site for a delicious, refreshing swim or a picnic in a nice shady place.

Sarraméa, the village closest to the heart of the central chain of the island, was highly reputed for its coffee plantations in the times of the first colonists. The people called the “Feillet” colonists (from the name of the governor, Paul Feillet, who from 1894 to 1902 enacted a very active colonization policy) grew the precious “cherries” necessary for the production of the renowned “Leroy” coffee there. The reputation of this coffee spread far beyond New Caledonia: Winston Churchill himself was said to drink it!

The pool

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  • la cuve de sarraméa

    Trou Feillet

    The pool that bas been carved into the rock over time is often called the “trou Feillet” [“Feillet's hole”] or “The Giant's Cooking Pot”, referring to the same historical character, who loved to go there for a dip from time to time! But it's not certain that the governor was a practitioner of the natural tobogganing which allows you to dive into the cool waters of the pool!

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