The history of Caledonian aviation has two important dates, when pioneers prepared the land for the first air links between Le Caillou and it neighbours, both near and far... One of these dates commemorates the first flight between New Caledonia and Australia.

While the first stopover flight between the metropolis and Le Caillou took place in 1932 (the legendary flight of Biarritz...), the first direct link between Australia and New Caledonia had been established in 1931.

On 21st November 1931, at 05:03 local time, Victor Roffey, a young Australian aviator, took off from Ouaco in Kaala-Gomen to cross the 1,500 km separating him from his homeland. The location of the take-off was not selected by chance: it is in fact at precisely this spot that the distance between the Grande Terre and the island continent is the shortest!

After 11 hours and 15 minutes of flying, Victor Roffey landed in Marlborough, on board his single-engine De Havilland biplane, known as The Golden Eagle.

Since 2011, a place located in Victor-Roffey Place has been paying homage to this pioneer who opened the skies between New Caledonia and its neighbours.

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