Newly created and signposted, three educational paths now allow visitors to explore Ouano’s mangrove swamps and get to know this fragile ecosystem essential to the preservation of biodiversity on the island.

The three footpaths give visitors the opportunity to explore a portion of the mangrove swamp’s 155 hectares. Many information plaques set up at the foot of the mangrove trees or close to areas of bare ground (“tannes”) aid visitors in identifying the area’s different plant species.

The mangroves paths

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  • The mangroves paths

    Suitable paths

    Very easily accessible, the three paths are suitable for all kinds of visitors. Two of them, the Nipwinô (3.8 km round trip) and the Nidöwé (4.5 km round trip) paths are virtually flat. Only the Méégivé path (1.6 km round trip) has a slight height difference of around 100 meters. 
    There is a marvelous wealth of flora and fauna to be discovered among the mangroves, guaranteed to surprise many visitors!

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