Although Farino is the smallest commune in New Caledonia, its landscape contains all of the aspects of the island’s mountain range. The Farino small waterfall trail will plunge you into the sumptuous plantflife, while the easy height difference makes this course accessible to all.

This walk between the trees and houses harmoniously integrated into their environment will enable you to understand how writer Jean Mariotti, born in Farino, describes the people and places of his childhood with the love and poetry.

Beginning at the Farino shelter car park, the trail follows the left bank of the creek in order to reach a pretty waterfall. Be careful: swimming up the nearby channels is forbidden to ensure that the water used by Farino's residents does not become contaminated.

Beautiful nature

As you follow the valley you can discover the diversity of the region’s plantlife, as rainforest, savanna with paperback trees and perfectly manicured gardens each take their turn.

Make sure you keep your eyes and ears wide open! It is not uncommon to come across a great many birds along the path, such as red-breasted parakeets, cuckooshrikes, wandering whistling ducks, white-breasted sparrowhawks or even more gems.

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