Opened in January 2013, together with the Upper Dumbéa nature reserve, this natural park of the Dumbéa region completes the network of provincial parks designed to safeguard the natural wealth of southern New Caledonia.

This fourth park in the Southern Province displays the wonderful natural resources and biodiversity of the region. This new site is also designed to redress some of the area’s serious ecological concerns, particularly in the Upper Dumbéa and Upper Couvelée regions.

Moreover, the park offers a better controlled and safer environment for the many pleasure activities taking place along the Western section of the Dumbéa River. In general, the creation of the park enables the effective implementation of a long-term sustainable management project.

The natural resources of the Dumbéa River

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  • The Dumbéa River

    The Dumbéa River

    Along the path leading to the old dam (constructed in 1892), there are information boards to guide us through the park, and help us understand some of the history of the water sources of Nouméa and its surrounding areas. The Dumbéa River, with its notorious potholes, natural cavities hollowed out of the rock, offers a unique setting for swimming, camping and hiking in a remarkably well-preserved environment.

  • The Dumbéa River

    A fish dating back to the era of the dinosaurs in the Dumbéa River!

    What is more, this river is, quite surprisingly, very rich in fauna. A recent scientific research study confirmed the presence in these waters of 28 species of fish, four of which are native to the region. Among them, in the northern river section, the Protogobius Attiti is like a living fossil – its rare discovery aroused great excitement in the global scientific community!

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