Located in the Bourail area on the West Coast of the Main Island, Poé Beach is one of New Caledonia’s longest and most breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Offering 13 km of soft white sands fringing the lagoon, the beach is a magnet for New Caledonian families and tourists on holiday.

Outside of Nouméa’s highly popular beaches and the fairytale beaches in Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines, Poé Beach is definitely New Caledonia's most sought-after beach.

A popular beach

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  • Poé Beach in Bourail, New Caledonia

    With family

    Parents can relax while the kids play safely in the sparkling shallow waters close by the beach. Lifeguards also patrol the beach at Poé, an additional reassurance.

  • Kitesurfing on Poé Beach in Bourail, New Caledonia

    Boardsports spot

    The vast expanse of lagoon at Poé is also one of New Caledonia’s hottest spots for surface watersports. With perfect trade winds blowing from the south east, there are endless thrills for windsurfing and kitesurfing fans.

  • Glass-bottom boat in Bourail, New Caledonia

    Explore the lagoon

    Beachgoers can also rent SUP boards, funboats, sea kayaks, jet skis and stand-up jet skis from local providers. You can hop aboard glass-bottom boats, revel in the vision of stunning corals and brilliant fish beneath your feet, and ride out to go snorkelling along a signposted underwater nature trail near the coral barrier reef.

  • Deva Domain in Bourail in New Caledonia

    Several activities

    The northernmost part of Poé Beach runs alongside magnificent Deva Domain nature reserve. You can set off on a horseback trail along the beach and through the glorious scenery of the domain. Or take a hike along the Giants Trail leading you through New Caledonia’s largest and best preserved area of dry forest, covering 4.5 km² and sheltering no fewer than 218 rare endemic species.