About thirty minutes from the village of Bourail, on the Pothé tribal territory, the Ny waterfall offers the opportunity for a cool swim and a heart-warming meal in the company of the local hosts.

The Ny waterfall, the complete name of which, in the vernacular, means “the place where the fish pause”, unable to make their way further upstream, quite simply embodies all the beauty and modesty of those who welcome you here on their land…

But as you come close to the edge of the pool beside it, let your host guide your gaze after first casting some bait into the water. Then, you will see an approaching swarm of freshwater shrimps as large as your hand, as well as eels of a very respectable size, too. What a sight!

Where the fish pause…

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    Try the minnow experience

    Next, relax with your feet in the water, and let the tiny minnows come to you as you contemplate the luscious vegetation surrounding you. And there is nothing to prevent you from extending your stay and camping out here. In the morning, you can ask your hosts to escort you on a little walk to see the ancient rock carvings (petroglyphs) hidden in the forest. And who can say whether another waterfall, even more beautiful than the last, won’t be waiting for you along the way?