Near the path of the three bays, and overlooking Roche Percée Beach and the Nera estuary, the ruins of the Gouaro lighthouse remind us that, for decades, access to Bourail was principally by sea.

The plan to set up a permanent penal colony in Bourail made it essential to enable regular supplies to the site. Access to Bourail Bay being treacherous, the construction of an instrument to guide the way became necessary.

Originally, it was built with two beams, one white and one red, the first directed towards the keeper’s house, and the second across the hillside. Mariners used the alignment of the beams to guide their ships through the channel into port. A third beam, a green one, located at the outer edge of the Roche Percée, on the Nera side, defined the mooring area.

To light your path

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  • Gouaro Lighthouse

    One of the most beautiful views in the Bourail region!

    So, once the passengers had a landing place, they would pile their merchandise onto barges to ferry it up the Nera towards the village. The unloading point was, by the way, located almost at the point where the village museum stands today. Nowadays, all that remains of the lighthouse is the keeper’s house and the steeple that used to contain the lantern (the white beam). A wrought iron staircase still gives access to the roof. Take it: You will discover one of the most beautiful views the region has to offer!