The recent development of the Deva Estate and its opening to the public offers an opportunity to discover a major site of New Caledonia. The Deva Estate is home to the largest expanse of dry forest in the region, containing nearly 450 species of plant life, 60% of which are endemic.

Although the New Caledonian dry forest once covered a land area of 4,500 km2, only 100 km2 have survived. The dry forest of Gouaro, which occupies the coastal plain and several inland hills, is the largest and consequently of great ecological value. This natural treasure is open to the public, who can choose explore it on horseback or by mountain bike on one of the four signposted circuits (between 8.6 and 20.7 km), or else on foot along of the four walking trails.

Discovering a New Caledonian Estate

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  • Biking in Deva Estate

    On horseback, by mountain bike, on foot or by electric cycle!

    For the less energetic, electric cycles are even available to rent! This is the perfect way of travelling across the Estate almost effortlessly. More adventurous visitors can set out on quad-biking trips across the domain hilltops, individually, in pairs or in family groups. Still, walking remains the best option to discover the unique diversity of the Deva Estate. The footpaths that crisscross it are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the region! The Oua Koué trail, with its ironwood grove or the Boé Arérédi path which follows above the Shark Island Fault offering wide vistas of the sublime Western Lagoon, are simply magnificent!

  •  deva golf

    A true treasure

    As to the Path of the Giants, which circumvents the Fournier marsh, or the “Forest Sources to Lagoon” trail, these, with their very gentle slopes, are absolutely suited for family walks regardless of age. The recent installation of a golf course on the Estate will also enable lovers of the little white ball to take a shot at the challenging “links” that are fast gaining international renown. Finally, even if it is not currently accessible to the public (there is a reconstruction plan under way), the Deva Estate is one of the most promising archaeological sites of New Caledonia. Already, organised excavations in the area have unearthed evidence of habitation there around 3,500 years ago.