Ténia Islet long ago lost its characteristic shape that merited a somewhat unflattering name. Although the currents and tides have redesigned the landscape over the years, the islet has remained a very accessible idyllic haven of tranquillity, just an hour away from Nouméa.

Ténia islet, a simply magical outing at sea

Situated a twenty-minute boat ride away from the Bouraké wharf at Boulouparis, Ténia Islet is a popular destination with Caledonians. This is a dream destination ideal for relaxation, and for diving on the reef, in the heart of an extraordinary marine reserve, for enjoying a wealth of colourful marine life. The luckiest visitors may encounter a few dolphins crossing paths with their taxi-boat, escorting it and playfully swimming ahead of its bow.

An ideal spot for connecting to nature

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  • Taxi boat on Ténia Islet

    The islet in focus

    Bouts d'Brousse can take you there from the wharf of Boulouparis. En route, the lagoon often provides a nice surprise: the encounter with playful dolphins who do not hesitate to approach the boat to greet you. This is the first happy moment of the day.

  • Daytrip on Ténia Islet

    Life on an islet!

    A beautiful beach that slopes gently into the lagoon, fish everywhere and wind for kite surfers. What more could you ask for! Ténia islet also has much shade, which makes it possible to enjoy the lagoon without sunburns! A perfect spot of water for swimming and barbecues. Attention, you must provide for your own lunch. The cooler is a must and if you go with Bout'd'Brousse you can have a greater comfort fare (traditional hut).  

    If you spend the night on Ténia Islet, don’t miss the chance to stretch out on the white sandy beach before going to sleep. The total absence of artificial light pollution lets you enjoy the full glory of the celestial vault with its centrepiece, the Milky Way!

  • Ténia Islet

    A protected islet

    As a protected marine area of the Southern Province, the Islet is a nature reserve. Therefore, it is forbidden to bring animals there, to disturb the birds, to remove the sand or shells, or to litter the environment. All the more so, because Ténia is home to the populations of Pacific puffins and Australian gulls.

    Despite these necessary restrictive rules for the protection and conservation of these sites, stopovers at the islet by boat are allowed, provided that the boaters make use of the mooring facilities available to them. It is also possible to camp on the islet, as long as you bring with you whatever wood you may need for a barbecue.

  • Kayaking around Ténia Islet

    5 good reasons to spend a day on a Caledonian islet

    • Because the islets of the Caledonian lagoon are mostly easily accessible and in the heart of beautiful marine reserves.
    • Because a day at sea is a "must do" on the list of excursions in New Caledonia.
    • Because the development of taxi boats enables you to impersonate Robinson Crusoe whenever you want!
    • Most of the islands served by taxi boats have facilities available to welcome you in the best manner.
    • Because you will meet many Caledonians always ready to "cross the sea" at weekends!
  • Relaxing on the beach of Ténia Islet

    What to do in Ténia islet?

    The Saint Vincent pass, a few minutes away, is a renowned surfing spot. The Taxi boat will carry your gear for free and take you from the tranquil Ténia islet to the pass. What could be more magical than surfing in the middle of the ocean, between the lagoon and the open sea? Another pleasure is diving on the reef with mask, flippers and snorkel. In this shallow area, about five meters deep, let yourself be guided to enjoy the seabed in crystal clear water. Corals of all kinds and colourful fish await you.