Visiting New Caledonia on a budget

If you’re wanting to visit New Caledonia on a budget, you certainly can!

When you first think of New Caledonia, images of overwater bungalows and luxurious resorts are sure to come to mind. However, there’s certainly more than one way to see this beautiful corner of the globe.

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We sent explorer Jeremy Drake on a myth-busting mission, to prove that New Cal is packed to the brim with unique adventures that won’t break the bank. 

The challenge? Adventure in New Cal for 5 Days with Just $1000


Here's what you can get up to on a week getaway:

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Want some more inspiration and tips for exploring New Caledonia on a budget?

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Bourail Lagoon New Caledonia
Drowned Forest New Caledonia
Kuendu Beach New Caledonia
La Roche Percée New Caledonia
Nekweta Lodge New Caledonia
Ouen Toro New Caledonia