Ultimate love experience - Heart of Voh

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If you are looking for the ultimate romantic view, The Heart of Voh is a must see in New Caledonia. The large mangrove near the town of Voh has developed into the shape of a love heart which can be viewed from the air
Naturally formed over the years, the Heart of Voh in the Northern Province of Grande Terre is truly an unforgettable experience, best seen on a helicopter or ultra-light flight over the top of Mount Katepei.
The Heart of Voh is a particularly awe-inspiring sight and a perfect place to kick-off our list of romantic pleasures of New Caledonia.
Take a 50 minute scenic flight over the world’s largest lagoon – a kaleidoscope of greens and blues converging in a sparkling ocean below. See the many inhabited islands, the Barrier Reef, and fly all the way to the famous Heart of Voh.
The same tours are available for “romantics”. Romantic Tours allow you to land on an island or near a river, take 30 minutes to put your feet in the turquoise water while sipping your glass of Champagne. 


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On the ground

Another option is to take a 4x4 for a drive, or just hike up Katepai Mountain. The bravest visitors will climb all the way to the 700m summit, while the rest can be happy with the observation platform at 400m. The view below shows the heart in full, and beyond it the subtle shades of green and blue that make up the wild coastline.


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