Heritage Safari Isle of Pines
1 day

Day trip on the lagoon and traditional meal on an islet

From 114.00 NZD

-Sea observation of turtles, dolphins, manta
-100% guaranteed to see turtles, games at island
-Lunch at Ilot Brosse (lobster, chicken ..)
-Casting / hawking / casting of coconut
-Hike to the Nurses' Hole

Activity provided by: Mana Nautique

Mana Nautique

Discover the extraordinary aquatic environment of the Isle of Pines and its traditional activities with Mana Nautique.

In this new tour, we offer you a complete tour of the nautical safari and heritage safari, between land and sea, between aquatic discoveries and traditions.
It is at Saint Joseph Bay that the departure is given at 9am. The return is scheduled around 15h.

Day's program:

  • The Bay of Turtles: just out of the bay of Saint Joseph you will see turtles. These turtles are used to humans, that's why they stay in the same area and you'll be sure to see them.
  • After this meeting we will go to talk to the Rays in their environment.
  • Prepare to live unforgettable moments in the middle of the dolphin beds that swim right in front of you. But beware, unlike turtles, you have to be at the right place at the right time so open your eyes!
  • After these moments rich in emotions, a welcome cocktail will be waiting for you on the island Brosse.
  • Then demonstrations will be proposed by our team and to which you will be invited to participate!
  • Demonstration to cast hawk
  • Demonstration of coconut grating to harvest coconut milk
  • Demonstration of coconut leaf weaving

For nature lovers, there is a walking path that crosses the forest to get to the "Nurse's Hole" (a very popular place for sharks).
Then comes the moment of a good meal:
Depending on the menu you have previously ordered, you will be served an appetizer of local vegetables, chicken, fish or crawfish with rice cooked in coconut, homemade dessert and coffee.

You can also bring your own meal.
After the meal, free time and relaxation on the island Brosse.

Finally the day will end quietly with music on the boat before returning to the bay of Saint Joseph.